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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Desso in A Panic

When's the last time you saw a candidate attack someone who is not his opponent or even a candidate for office with a paid advertisement? Don't feel bad because we couldn't think of another instance either.
Below is Lou Desso's ad attacking CB Smith and accusing him of sending letters out anonymously.

Smith responded to Desso on Desso's Facebook page but the courageous politician deleted the posts. Don't worry we will post them here along with his accusations on Facebook.
 First from Desso's Facebook:
Hi everyone,
I hope this e-mail finds you and your families doing well.

Many of you know that I have worked hard to make North Greenbush a better place to live. Some of you know from personal experience that whenever anyone calls me to help someone with addiction problems I move quickly to do what I can to help the person in need. I never ask for anything and appreciate your friendship and votes if you are inclined to vote for me.

I am in need of some help as C.B. Smith has sent anonymous letters all over Town with lies and distortions that attack my character and the work I have done for all of us here in No. Greenbush. These letters are signed  Friends of Defreestville,  Friends of North Greenbush, or the Real Friends of Mark Premo and the Highway Department. (Of course he wouldn’t sign his name).  

Throughout this campaign I have risen above this kind of behavior even when C.B  dragged my son and his family into his demented way of thinking & campaigning. Many of you know the challenges my son and his family have been through recently with my grandson Nicky – it just is not right.

I am trying to start an e-mail and Facebook campaign to let the people of No. Greenbush know that the letters are from C.B. Smith and to please consider the irrational source from which they come.

Please help me send C.B. Smith the message that this kind of behavior is not acceptable in our great Town by forwarding this e-mail to your family & friends asking them to support me on November 3rd and by inviting them to my face book page “Elect Lou Desso”. 
Deb & I appreciate your help and friendship.
Now what Desso was afraid to have people read from Smith:

First Mr. Desso you are obviously paranoid in the belief that I am behind all things, including this letter, stating a few things about your record that you wish no one knew about. You have done your best to make sure voters remain unaware of your activities as evidenced by your insistence that town board meetings not be televised on public television as they were before you took control. I did not write the letter(s) you refer to and didn't spend a dime mailing them. Perhaps you'd be kind enough to share them here so we can evaluate the untruths. What I have had the courage to put my name on were a few letters to the Advertiser which I fully stand behind. Perhaps you would like to tell your audience what is inaccurate about you getting an $81,000 county job by having critical college degree requirements conveniently removed by your political friends in the county office building in Troy? There was a time when people who sacrificed for college degrees, including a Masters Degree, were rightfully recognized for their efforts and qualifications in the hiring process. Perhaps you could tell us why development interests with business before the town have given you some $27,000 in contributions, an astounding amount of money for someone holding a council seat and how this does not sell town government to those interests? Maybe you can tell us how you can run the town from a full time job in the county office building provided to you under highly questionable circumstances. Mr. Desso, you can attack me on Facebook but you see I can answer you back. Feel free to delete the posts if you lack the intestinal fortitude to keep them up. But before you run around blaming me for every person in town that opposes you and sends letters out that irritate you, take some time to get the facts straight. Clearly truth is not on your radar screen, confusion and blame are the only tools you know how to use.

 Smart politicians let operatives respond to critical letters from non opponents. This politician, well, spent a good chunk of those contributions from developers to help alleviate his panic attack. Sorry Lou, there's no DELETE option here. The First Amendment stands on this site and you'll just have to put up with seeing it on your screen.

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