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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Desso the Delusional

Here's part of what more than $27,000 from development interests with business before the town will buy. Slick color brochures, magnets and a plastic bag with a hole for a door knob.  What the money apparently didn't buy was team work or truth.

Incredibly Lou Desso mentioned not one time his running mates Al Spain and Kelly Hoffman.  Read this garbage and you would think Lou Desso did everything by himself since he was on the board.  Never once does he try to give an inkling of credit for his so called accomplishments to his running mates. Cast aside despite all that money. And neither of them have a fundraising commitee of their own and the town GOP has no money in its account.  So they are left to flounder while Lou runs around town with fancy campaign pieces touting Lou Desso alone.

Even a fool knows a lone councilman can't do a single thing on his own.  It takes 3 of 5 votes to pass even a simple resolution.  So it's no wonder the people who brought these to our attention were astonished by his arrogance or delusional thinking.

It is really amazing to see him rewrite history.  He eliminated a deficit from a prior administration and created a big surplus without ever raising taxes.  Amazing!  But he forgot the deficit was created by his loosing running mates in 2005 when Lou was part of a ticket led by Bob Ashe.  They were claiming a surplus then but a few months into 2006 the town received a letter from the State Retirement System looking for a long overdue payment deliberately neglected to claim a surplus that didn't exist.  Low and behold the town found itself in a deficit that Lou conveniently never mentioned in his unsuccessful campaign.

Lou brags about a surplus today but never mentions how he and his colleagues transferred all of the Greenspace Funds from the Highway Department to the town's the accounts.  We have no addition to the Highway Garage today for all the trucks that have to sit outside because Lou grabbed the funds for other purposes.  Smart planning hey!

When you read this garbage ask yourself how Lou is serving you after he maneuvered himself into an $81,000 county job after getting the educational requirements removed, you know the little things like a college degree and a masters degree in the field of public health. Or how he manuvered his son into a needless and created new job as a spokesman for out gun lovin' District Attorney.  That job hits your wallets for another $75,000 annually and is a slap to those poor folks paying back their loans for law school who make nearly half as much as Lou's son.

Still, Lou says he puts "People before politics" a slogan borrowed from the county executive campaign of Marilyn Douglas a few years ago.  What he doesn't do is is put his team on the same field as himself.  He's leaves them to flounder with all that money he took from developers.  Lou thinks he did all these things by himself.  But maybe give Spain and Hoffman some credit.  They might not have wanted their names associated with Desso, or the fabrications and distortions on these fancy and expensive pieces of campaign materials. It was probably bad enough Al Spain had to step down as Supervisor to run for a Council seat so Lou could grab some more glory. Hey and if he were, God forbid to win, the town and its police force would be led by a convicted felon. God help us.

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