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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Desso's Intimidation Starts Before He Takes Office

Voters were warned repeatedly that Lou Desso was a a bully who intimidates people to get his way. Here's the first post election example.
Anyone who knows Mark Premo KNOWS he would never write a letter like this one.  Anyone who knows Lou Desso KNOWS this is exactly the kind of self serving garbage he would engage in at the expense not only of truth but by demanding someone sign their name to it so he could keep his own hands "clean".
One can't help be struck by the irony of the letters reference to the lack of courage by anonymous authors of letters distributed during the election by failing to sign their names. Yet this letter was never written by Mr. Premo and was certainly never his initiative or idea. We believe it was Lou Desso's creation and intimidation that caused Mark Premo to release it to the Advertiser. Mr. Desso's fingerprints are all over it.

Here's the challenge Mr. Desso, tell the town you had absolutely nothing to do with this letter's creation and its delivery to Mark Premo. Tell us you didn't intimidate him and make him worry about 2 years of retribution if he didn't play ball with you.

This is just the beginning of the kind of coercion that will take place with Lou Desso. Developers will be contributing to his campaign funds when Lou suggests such an action.  They will do it because they will believe the Planning Board he controls will act accordingly on their projects with a contribution and against them if they fail to play ball with the check book.

There is no doubt that the Highway Department could greatly improve its service with a committed Town Board majority. A majority that saw the importance of planning for the future and funding additions to the garage to house vehicles currently out in the cold. Instead this majority removed years worth of funds that had been set aside by Mr. Premo for the eventual construction of an addition. Facts always get in the way of false realities.

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