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Friday, November 30, 2018

Abelove fires Desso's Son

We had heard the firing was coming, but the hiring itself was a waste of taxpayer money, a political payback for the father's efforts to elect Abelove four years ago. A $78,000 taxpayer expense now eliminated just as the father's job was eliminated when Steve McLouglin became County Executive.

But all should take notice of the apparent reason that the DA fired Desso. If it was a condition for a county job for the soon to be jobless Abelove, that's a potential crime under federal law. Kind of like the President dangling a pardon for Paul Manifort if he keeps his mouth shut in front of the Special Council's Grand Jury.

So we hope McLaughlin is wise enough not to fall into this trap and so far he has been on top of this game. He also wants to be clear of any repercussions that will occur when Abelove's criminal charges are reinstated by the Appellant Division of State Supreme Court. The last thing he needs is to hire a defeated candidate who then faces criminal charges. But pay attention to the comments of Richard Crist, McLoughlin's political aide. He leaves the door open to the worst case scenario. McLaughlin owes Abelove nothing. Crist, however, owes him a thank you for dismissed criminal charges when he took office.

You can read about this here in the Times Union.

Monday, November 12, 2018

War of GOP Words

County Executive Steve McLaughlin knows Lou Desso better than we do and after a much shorter time! His most recent Tweet was featured in this Times Union article.

McLaughlin is the defacto head of the Rensselaer County Republican Party. It appears he is not likely to allow Desso to receive those covented minor party endorsements that have been critical to his narrow victory last year. Imagine Lou having to be the write in candidate in those primaries and imagine a GOP challenger to him in a Republican primary backed by McLaughlin.
Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Board Meeting Turned Into Political Campaign Rally


Editor's note: Nov. 10,2018 Lou Desso has once again grabbed the lead story in the Times Union local section embarrassing the town, himself and the town board. Above is a picture of today's Capital Region front page.
It was a shameless and unprecedented misuse of public facilities and resources by Lou Desso. He asked dozens of friends to come to a regularly scheduled town board meeting to praise him so he could announce his candidacy for re-election in next year's election. Those who spoke were given scripts of what to say. He misused the meeting, ignored town board rules allowing public comment on agenda items only at the beginning of the meeting and turned the taxpayer funded meeting into a campaign rally. When it was pointed out to him, he ignored the the violation and continued his love fest with relatives, contractors and friends, all of whom he personally called to come to the meeting. Several people who received calls let us know about the call and it's content. Not everyone is in his pocket. But the event does demonstrate Desso' fragile ego or as County Executive  18 hours ago put it in a Twitter comment,"Using a town board meeting as a campaign event to announce re-election and stacking the audience to build up a fragile ego is not only shamelessly unethical, it's weak."

Imagine what Desso would do if another board member tried a stunt like this at a town meeting! He'd skewer them alive. But this action tells us something about Lou Desso. He's not only unfit for office, he's scared of a challenge from within his own party and for good reason. His ethical conduct and use of his office to gather money and free goods and services from contractors, developers and anyone who has business before the town is itself shameful. His refusal to pay his bills to Moscatiello's Restaurant for a fundraiser until dragged into court and his refusal to pay the $1270.00 balance of that bill remain a stain on his reputation.

But his friends are blind to the headlines in the Times Union, the court action and an apparent state investigation into his conduct. Kind of a "mini Trump rally" where everyone cheers for the questionable behavior without regard to decency or ethics.

So Lou, Democrats are glad you're running. You're going to have to show you paid that $10,000 for the sewer extension, that you paid for the free engineering services, that you reimbursed the town for the legal notices they ran for Planning Board action on your subdivision application in which you avoided paying the standard $1400 fee. The last 14 articles in the Times Union, many of which were front page exposes, detail your lack of ethics. Contrary to your baseless assertions, there is not one sentence attacking your wife. She is not a victim as you tried to insist. Neither are you Lou. The victims are the residents of North Greenbush.

Ch9 sent a camera and that segment is here. The Times Union was also present and has published on line for a print edition Saturday which you can read here. As you will see from the TU article, not even his fellow Republicans on the board would not defend him.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Donnelly Wins District Attorney

One of the most important races in the region was that of Rensselaer County District Attorney with a scandal riddled incumbent soundly defeated by Mary Pat Donnelly. You can read about it here in the Times Union.

The race also spells the end of Lou Desso's influence in county government with his candidate, Joel Abelove's defeat. It also means there won't be a need for a special prosecutor if an ongoing results in any charges against Desso.

Donnelly's most pressing challenge will be the hiring of a First Assistant DA who normally manages the office calendar. So much of Abelove's troubles resulted from missed court deadlines and defendants having charges dismissed.

The election results can be viewed here.  North Greenbush saw Donnelly defeat Abelove 2546 to 1987 carrying 6 of 8 election districts.