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Monday, August 21, 2017

Desso hard at work as a Renss. County Deputy Commissioner!

What was Deputy Commissioner of Mental Health Lou Desso doing this morning to earn his now $83k salary? Why running around town putting up his lawn signs. That's dedication to the job his friends in the county gave him after changing all the education requirements so he could take home a fat county pay check.

Here he is this morning at 9:30 AM at his new desk (mobile office) on Marion Avenue putting up one of his signs.

Hold on Lou, we'll get you some coffee.

Friday, August 18, 2017

McLaughlin still waiting with the rest of us for Desso to pay his bill

Check out @SteveMcNY's Tweet: https://twitter.com/SteveMcNY/status/898538075470671872?s=09

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A sign of the times

Update: The sign was taken! But it seems another has picked up the torch.
Well it was as bound to happen. The Supervisor who stiffs a respected local businessman by refusing to pay his $7000 bill for the past 2 years gets a reward.
Mr. Desso, it's time to pay up, to do the right thing. PAY YOUR BILL!
This sign is on Marion Avenue with tons of diverted traffic. Many others about to join it. Great company for the Desso Meyers signs Lou placed on county time this week.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

McLaughlin Unloads on Desso for Refusing to Pay His $7000 Bill

The Republican County Executive Candidate Steve McLaughlin has been excoriating Lou Desso for many of his deeds but has now taken up the cause of restaurant owner Mike Moscatiello in his efforts to compel "Deadbeat Desso" to pay his TWO YEAR OLD fundraiser bill of $7,000. He's even created a hash tag so you can follow his criticisms on Twitter, #LetsMakeADeal Desso.

But more serious than the political pressure is the likely action of the State Board of Elections which has now received a new complaint detailing Desso's deliberate tampering of his State Financial reports, deleting schedules, trying to hide his foreknowledge of the actual contribution of the restaurant of $750 which was reported to the State on his original 11 Day Pre Primary report on a Schedule D In Kind.

For the past two years this contribution was disclosed by Desso on that report until he attempted to justify the entire $7000 unpaid bill as a gift but then was forced to delete that record upon realizing it was unlawfully large. This disproves Desso's claim that he was unaware of the documented gift until confronted by the Times Union and simply declined to pay the balance or report it to the State for the past two years.

So now he sits exposed documenting only $750 of the $7000 bill and has not reported the balance of the bill to the State as an In Kind contribution nor resolving it by issuing a check for the balance. He justifies this by claiming the balance of the bill is part of a "vebal agreement" which he thinks supercededs State Law by allowing him not to reprot the balance to the State as a contribution and stiff the restaurant owner at the same time.

Sorry Lou that is just not going to cut it. Advice Lou, PAY YOUR BILL! The signs above are just the beginning of the trouble that lies ahead for you.