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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Desso under State Scrutiny

The Times Union reported that the State has begun to examine some of the activities of Lou Desso as reported  in the paper over the past several months. About the only thing that was not mentioned was his quiet effort resulting in getting his property taxes reduced 16% by heading to his political friends in Brunswick for an assessment review.

There were so many things disclosed in the paper over the past month that bare examination including whether he paid his contractor with business before the town his share of a sewer hookup, about $10,000. Desso claims in the article that he has paid this bill which contradicts the contractor's claim a month ago in the TU. Perhaps panic is setting in and he paid the bill and who knows, maybe he'll pay Moscatiello's the balance due on his fundraiser bill, $1270? Incidentally, the article incorrectly reported that Desso did not report the $5000 court ordered payment to Moscatiello's. It was reported in his latest filing.

From free fill and grading to using the Town Engineer for his design work for his sewer extension, Desso could put the questions to rest by providing the checks and payment records. He can tell us he did not hire the town engineer to do his sewer work which they would have to approve as Town Engineer, a gross conflict of interest. But Lou remains silent and now speaks to the press from his lawyer's office, the one he did not retain according to the article but uses him anyway, free, of course. Everything has to be free!

Our congratulations to the town board members who sit back and let him get away with all this stuff and never ever offer a word of criticism. Al Spain, Kelly Hoffman and Joe Bott. Be confident that this probe will be fair and complete. Whether you're a fan or a critic of Lou Desso we should all want the truth and that's what we'll get when this is over.

Friday, August 10, 2018


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Under fire, Desso exits meeting early

It was a rough night for Lou Desso getting questioned about whether he ever paid the contractor for his 10k share of his sewer district. He was also questioned about his apparent hiring of the town. engineering firm for his personal application for the sewer district before the planning board. No ethical problem there, right. And did he pay for the services?

Well Lou insisted he paid Casale even though Casale told the Times-Union last month he hadn't even billed Desso. So, free soil, free grading, free sewer extension, free engineering work and who knows what else. He almost got a free fundraiser until a Judge ordered him to pay the maximum amount she could, $5,000.

Of course Lou refuses to pay the balance of his bill, $1270.00 and that's why on this 3 year anniversary of his past-due bill, Lou was to be given a souvenir reminder of his debt. But Lou took off and avoided the public comment. So Lou, here's you souvenir!

Sewer extension discussion PT 1

 Ethics Board Appointments

Ethics Board

 At last month's meeting, a seven month long charade was exposed when it was disclosed at public comment that the ethics board appointed in January was neither notified of their appointments or signed the oath book as required within 30 days of appointment. Failing to sign caused the appointments to be void and that's where the town stood for the past 7 months despite Mr. Desso repeatedly pretending it was in place.

So last night the board reappointed an Ethics Board whose first job will be to review a request from Councilwoman Sabo on the ethics of the building inspector building houses in North Greenbush. This one is a slam dunk given the language of the law, however, Desso put two loyalists on the board including the councilman defeated by Sabo in the last election, leaving only the pastor of St. Jude's Church as the independent on the three man board. Talk about walking into a political buzz saw.

You can read about the board meeting in the Times Union, here.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

DA encourages investigation but protects Desso

The Rensselaer County District Attorney a close friend of Lou Desso , who employs his son, said in a letter that he encourages a complaint be filed with the state police or County Sheriff regarding Lou Desso. But of course he declined to appoint a special prosecutor to get the ball rolling. What are friends for? In the Times Union article appearing online now which will be featured in Saturday's paper,  former candidate for supervisor Ron Sinico requested the appointment of a special prosecutor. You can read about it here.