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Monday, April 17, 2017

Desso gets ready for pay to play!

Who ever could imagine a town supervisor looking for campaign contributions as high as $1000.00?!
Well, meet our own Lou Desso who managed to rake in $24,000 as a councilman a couple of years back when he held a fundraiser at Moscatiello's Restaurant.

Now that he's supervisor he wants even more cash in exchange for all those "favors" to the developers who are getting every project imaginable approved by Desso's Planning Board. Desso sees the job of an elected town board member as an opportunity for campaign cash and getting personal favors with his influence, like getting his property taxes reduced 16% by arranging a quiet review in Brunswick hoping no one here would find out about it. Ahh but the Times Union found out!

Recently we reported on a project getting County IDA tax breaks worth $289,000. The Times Union reported that "town officials" had lobbied in favor of the tax breaks last summer. We have confirmed that Lou Desso was the one personally advocating the tax breaks for the Cole Collision project on RT 4. No wonder not one town official spoke up at the Public Hearing to oppose the tax giveaway!

Is your check in the mail for his latest fundraiser? We bet the developers are paying up.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

We wish everyone a Happy Easter and Passover season. Best Wishes, The Staff, Contributors and Editor of the North Greenbush Pipeline

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Town Officials Say Nothing As County IDA Offers Tax Breaks to Business long under Construction

At a Public Hearing held in Town Hall yesterday by the County Industrial Development Agency, not one elected town board member showed up to oppose an outrageous tax giveaway being proposed by the County IDA. The amount reported in today's Times Union is $289,000, (The company would receive property tax abatement of $88,867, a $60,000 savings on sales tax, $21,000 in savings on the mortgage recording tax and $120,000 in sales tax savings.)

In fact the article notes that "town officials" contacted the IDA last summer in support of the tax giveaway. Looming in this "pay for play scheme" is the question of what happened to the Town IDA in this application?  Dead silence. We say "pay for play" because Mr. Desso seems always to get large campaign contributions from every developer with a project in town. He occasionally goes to Planning Board meetings to let the people he appoints know how he wants them to vote. Check out the minutes.So much for an independent Planning Board.

There is no reason to give tax breaks to a business already under construction as this one is on RT 4.(Cole Collision) Yet here we are in more corporate welfare apparently supported by the town board as evidenced by their failure to show up at the Public Hearing to oppose the tax breaks. Then again, Mr. Desso loves tax breaks for the well connected, especially himself, after getting his own property tax bill reduced 16% by quietly going to Brunswick for the application review. Remember, these tax breaks mean you pay for the services this property depends on, police, fire, ambulance, highway etc while they pay far less than their fair share.

You can read the article in the TU here.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

D.A. Abelove has cell phone seized

Our district attorney is having a particularly bad day which started off when he arrived at work only to be served a subpoena for his cell phone by the State Attorney General. Sources say it was signed by former DA and now State Supreme Court Justice Richard McNally.

You can read this breaking news here on the Times union web site. Our sources say investigators are also at the DA's home searching for other records. Should be a very busy day for Abelove's new spokesman who is the son of our own Lou Desso. A good PR manager would come in handy right now!

Stay tuned!