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Friday, June 15, 2018

Desso Trys to Laugh Off Failure to Pay his Bill

Two minutes of agony. That's the only way to describe Lou Desso's reaction to public comments about his conduct which led to a recent scathing Times Union editorial.

Lou is refusing to pay the balance of his bill to Moscatiello's Restaurant. The City Court found that he failed to pay the bill from his 2015 fundraiser and could only order him to pay $5000 of it leaving an unpaid and unreported to the State BOE balance of $1270.

So why does Desso feel he does not have to pay the bill? His sworn testimony  may be a clue. He claimed under oath he did many favors for Moscatiellos, from purchasing gift cards, sending the District Attorney's Christmas Party there to appearing before a Planning Board he appoints to argue for a proposal involving Moscatiello's. We guess he figures when he does someone a favor, he doesn't have to pay his bills.

So Lou sat and listened impatiently as the litany of things he did for Moscatiello's was read back to him with each page cited. He was counting the minutes and the seconds as you can see from his reaction. This is your Supervisor, stealing someone's money, falsifying his State reports, (a crime under the law) and laughing it off.

An embarrassment to the Town, the Town Board and most importantly, a demonstration of Mr.Desso's lack of character.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Desso's Trial Testimony Captures His Cover-up

When you read Lou Desso's sworn testimony in Rensselaer City Court trying to explain away his refusal to pay his nearly $7000 bill to Moscatiello's Restaurant, you can see his intent to keep the value of the fundraiser as a gift despite the law which prohibits him from accepting more than $1000 in contributions from any single donor.
Lou says in sworn testimony Moscatiello would do the fundraiser for free, just pay the gratuity for the staff. That's exactly how he falsified his Financial Reports with the New York State Board of Elections. He reported his paid gratuity of $1300.00 and his actual receipt of a $750 In Kind contribution from Moscatiello's and then utterly failed to report the illegally kept balance of $6,250.

The Court ordered him to pay the maximum amount it was empowered to award by law of $5000.00 but Lou is still keeping and not reporting the balance owed of $1270.00. By law he cannot keep the balance as a contribution and by law he must report it as a payment and pay the bill. Doing neither places him in severe legal jeopardy as the State BOE will undoubtedly upon reviewing this trial transcript and his filings, prosecute the obvious offenses from offering a false instrument for filing to potential fraud related charges.

Lou, you may recall from this blog, first posted a $7000 in kind contribution when the Times Union inquired about his failure to pay the bill. He thought by listing the whole bill as a contribution the story would go away. Unfortunately he soon realized he could not legally report $7000 as a contribution as it exceed the $1000 maximum allowed by law. So he further amended his state fillings, falsifying them again by deleting the $7000. contribution.

How long before the State BOE puts Mr. Desso in its cross hairs? Be glad you're not wearing his shoes.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Times Union Editorial on Desso

Another day, another embarrassment for North Greenbush government. Lou Desso has to learn the hard way that first, he works for the public and not the other way around and second he has to learn to accept and deal with valid criticism of his conduct.

Perhaps most important, PAY YOUR BILLS! Stiffing Moscatiello's Restaurant for the balance of your unpaid bill keeps you in the headlines and diminishes both you and town government. You still owe another $1270.00 and we wonder how long it take you to pay the balance. Seems logical with the appeals ended, it's now a race between Desso paying up and correcting his falsified financial reports with the State and the State BOE prosecuting him and forcing him to pay the bill.

You can read today's editorial here.

Friday, May 25, 2018

North Greenbush Keeps It's Ethics in Spotlight

Another day, another unflattering expose on North Greenbush government. Yesterday the Times Union highlighted the ethics of the Supervisor who after being dragged to court and stalling for months after loosing a case against him for failing to pay a $6270.00 restaurant bill, finally agreed to pay $5000.00 of the bill while continuing to stiff the owner for the balance of $1270.00.

Today it's the goings on in the Building Department with the head of the department building homes here in town which his employees must inspect. You can read the story here.

The ethics law seems pretty clear but the town board has ignored it, just like they ignored Mr. Desso's refusal to pay his own fundraising bill while embarrassing the town in the process.

The town's Code of Ethics states "no town employee shall have any interest, financial or otherwise, direct or indirect, or engage in any business or transaction or professional activity or incur any obligation of any nature which is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of his duties in the public interest." Seems pretty clear to most folks but to these guys? Judge for yourself.