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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Desso Provides Committee Endorsement in Exchange for Deputy County Executive for His Son

Whether it's a Planning Board approval or a job, Lou Desso is always selling something in exchange for a contribution or a job. The latest move was to provide the North Greenbush GOP endorsement to Chris Meyer in exchange for an agreement to give his son, (a former Target "executive") the job of Deputy County Executive.

The son is currently enjoying a $70,000 job as the District Attorney's spokesman after he worked with Lou to put signs up during the DA's campaign. The job was created and funded but now Lou see's more opportunity for the family with the bitter county executive's primary looming.

Is it legal to make such deals, well not exactly but the FEDS have been busy in Brunswick as documented by the Times Union thanks in part to a tip from a GOP operative in the county legislature. Perhaps the DA would investigate Desso's deal as a violation of law but don't hold your breath on that one.

Soon the County Republican Committee will meet at the American Legion in Wynantskill where the weighted vote will be tallied up. Steve McLaughlin looks to be the stronger candidate in a primary given the fact he has a solid GOP constituency while his opponent has never been elected anywhere. As things tighten, County Executive Jimino her deputy Chris Meyer and Meyer's attorney met with the County GOP Chairman and told him they would take legal action if he tried to fill vacancies on the committee before the upcoming meeting and vote.

But congrats to Lou for a super job getting something for his town committee's endorsement. We have to wonder if Lou will get the Independence Party endorsement from Tom Connolly who has to be miffed that Lou is working against his candidate Steve McLaughlin.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Desso Plays with County Fire

Running all over the place at yesterday's news conference in which a GOP candidate for county executive, Chris Meyer, announced his intention to run was our own Lou Desso.

Surely he charged the time from his undeserved full time county job as a Deputy Commissioner, but that aside, his endorsement in the the GOP primary battle rolls the dice with his county job.

The other announced candidate Assemblyman Steve McLoughlin is a better than even bet to win the nod and he has the endorsement of Tom Connolly who issues Wilson Pakula waivers for the Independence Party.

Oh my, what happens to Lou's job in the county if McLoughlin wins the GOP primary? And how angry is Connolly going to be over Lou's picking of the candidate Connolly did not endorse.

Stay tuned!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Blissful Ignorance on Town Board

The perception of competence that Town Board members try to project is too easily exposed if you attend a meeting or watch this short video of last night's public comments. Of course you won't see this on the town's expensive web site because the last thing this board under Lou Desso wants is for the public to see what they are really like.

Some might call this blissful ignorance and others pure arrogance. Town resident and former Supervisor candidate Ron Sinico stood to inform the Board that they had violated the Ethics Law by appointing their Town Republican Party Chairman to a salaried position as attorney for the Planning Board. The law he read was pretty simply and was quickly found on the internet. It reads "

“No salaried Town employee shall act or serve as a political party chairman.”(S13-5)

So either the town board didn't care what the law required or they were ignorant of it. Either way, what we hear is a pretty decent guy was placed in legal jeopardy and the last thing a good lawyer wants to do is be placed in a legal dilemma. But the board's reaction is about the equivalent of the Hogan's Heroes character Sergeant Shultz, "I know nothing!" They sat in total silence, only to repeat the dumbkuff action a second time when they were asked who the FOIL officer is for the town's IDA which they appoint. Not one person on the Board knows who it is or could answer the question. The town clerk claims it's not her and no one in town hall seems to know. And it's not on that expensive web site either. Convenient and very difficult to send a FOIL Request as well.

Finally, lets give them a Profile in Courage Award for their next silent response. They were asked if anyone on the Board wanted to go on record as opposing the recent $260,000 tax giveaway to the Cole Collision Center being built on RT 4 by the County IDA. Sometimes silence is as good as a press release supporting this mindless giveaway of our tax dollars to a developer. Not unexpected as Lou Desso solicits $1000.00 contributions from folks, mostly developers and contractors at his recent fundraiser. Money talks loudly to Lou Desso from contributions to his own 16% property tax reduction and reassessment.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Jimino Wont Seek Re-election as County Exec

According to the Times Union Kathy Jimino will not seek another term as County Executive. You can read it here.

Rumors that Lou Desso is drooling over the possibility of running  have been confirmed. Choices, choices. Jimino is not endorsing him preferring her assistant. Yes, she controls Lou's $80k job in the county and could easily up the price with Lou's son's job in the DA's office.

So to run in a primary Lou has to roll the dice. He can't run for Supervisor and Executive simultaneously so it will be fun to watch as the drool runs down the shirts.