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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Desso secretly grabs hugh tax cut

Lou Desso never thought anyone would find out that his friends in the county changed the job description of a long vacant job Deputy Mental Health Commissioner removing the requirements of two college degrees so he could grab an $82,000 pay check. He never figured he'd offend people by using his influence again to get his son a newly created job in the DA's office. And he never figured folks would find out he pulled strings to grab himself a huge 16% property assessment reduction by having the work done in another town.

He was wrong on all three counts and has made the front page of the Times Union Capital Region for all the wrong reasons today. The move will put an extra $1897.00 a year in his pocket, money that comes out of the pockets of the school district, the taxpayers who pay his county salary and town taxpayers who pay his salary as Supervisor. Ironic considering he's in a better financial position than most people to pay his fair share of taxes and is taking the money from the very employers who have feathered his 3800 square foot home complete with swimming pool. As the full article points out, one of the so called comparable properties is 92 Macha Lane. It is listed with a market value of $372,692 while Desso's home was set with the new market value number of $313,500. Desso's home has a pool while the 92 Macha Lane does not, yet one year ago today it sold for $407,000 according to on line listings. Clearly Desso's home was grossly under assessed.

So what are taxpayers to do about this ethically challenged move done behind their backs, ask Town Board he controls to investigate? Hell no, not one of them said a word of concern or criticism. How about the District Attorney? Whoops, he hired Lou's son in a newly created job as "spokesman" and Louie put up all those campaign signs for him. Well, about the only place to go might be the State Attorney General and his Office of Public Integrity.  Mr. Schneiderman, are you reading the paper today?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Desso goes for the gold!

While we've been taking it easy for a while, we have been keeping our ears open. There are a couple of things to expose but today we'll just let you know that Lou Desso wants to make the Supervisor's job full time with a whopping salary of $70,00 plus.

First he has to have 3 votes on the town board to put any change in the law up for a public mandatory referendum. If he has the votes things will get interesting in a hurry. A public campaign against the change would likely bring it to defeat as part of his proposal includes a change from a 2 to 4 year term.  That prevents the voters from changing a town board majority every 2 years if they choose. It could stick them with a board majority for 4 years that they could have changed in 2 years.

But the best part is adding this greed by Desso to his portfolio which includes using his influence to get an $81,000 county job he isn't qualified for by changing the job description removing a 4 year degree and masters degree as prerequisites.  Connections count, like getting his son a big paying job in the DA's office and hiring another relative in town hall.  And lets not overlook the unprecedented campaign contributions from all those developers who never saw a lot they didn't like. Tens of thousands of dollars were contributed to his campaign account in the last few years.

Yes there is more to tell but for now, lets see if a Local Law appears on the Board agenda to increase the term and salary of the Town Supervisor.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Prayers for Dallas PD

The tragic events in Dallas Texas touch all of us in this country and remind us how dangerous police work is.

If you would like to help the families of the fallen the Dallas Police have provided links to a couple of sites set up for that purpose.

You may find the links and leave condolences and words of support of their Facebook page or directly access those links below.

These five officers gave their lives defending the the First Amendment right to free speech. The right to assemble and protest peacefully is guaranteed by the Constitution. In some countries, authorities would have arrested peachful protesters, put them under surveillance or worse.

Yet these events force us to ask ourselves whether its time to change the tone of the national political campaigns that thrive on generating anger and intolerance because they may contribute to those who may feel violence is an acceptable answer to achieve their agendas. Disagreement does not require disrespect. Honor these officers by demonstrating respect for those whose views you may disagree with.

Monday, May 30, 2016


"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself"

-Joseph Campbell

As we celebrate this Memorial Day with friends and family, remind your children what this day is all about. In a word, sacrifice. So many have given so much so that all of us can live in a free nation. None of this would be possible without them.
We pray that those who gave their lives and who suffered in battle, find peace for all time. To all who have served our nation, a simple thank you cannot adequately express our gratitude and appreciation for your service.
North Greenbush has many patriots from many wars. We thank you. Have a blessed Memorial Day.