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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

State Board Deals with Similar Complaint facing Desso

Yet another wake up call for Lou Desso in today's Times Union. The State Board of Elections is engaged in enforcement action against Albany's mayor in reaction to a complaint alleging contributions that exceed the maximum allowed by law. Lou Desso has several such contributions which exceed the maximum allowed in North Greenbush ($1000.00) and the State Board has several complaints on this matter as well as his falsification of reports which fail to report his outstanding $6270.00 bill at Moscatiello's Restaurant as either a payment or an in kind contribution. You may have guessed it, the amount of the unpaid bill far exceeds a legal contribution which is why ultimately Desso would be breaking the law by keeping it as a contribution.

Also in possession of the Board is a court order declaring the amount as an unpaid bill which Desso is ordered to pay. Recently the Times union reported the arrest of the Queensbury Supervisor for falsification of records regarding documents he submitted to the State BOE.

It is possible the State BOE has already communicated with Mr. Desso concerning these complaints but we probably won't know until we read about it in the papers. By then, well who knows what Desso will be saying.

You can read the Times Union here.

Local talk radio continues its unprofessional rants

For years a local talk radio station has served as a propaganda tool for the conservative right. Like their TV counterparts, they continue to fill the airwaves with partisan agendas. With Fox right winger Sean Hannity hiding his legal relationship with Trump's lawyer while defending Trump and Cohen and attacking the investigation, the local stuff pales in comparison.

But Talk 1300, especially former journalist Fred Dicker is setting a new standard for partisanship. His show spends most of its time attacking Democrats, especially the governor and is a love fest with Republicans, especially those who share his hatred of the governor.

But to think Dicker would see himself as a non partisan debate moderator for an Assembly race is at best laughable. He has spent so much time promoting the GOP candidate Jake Ashby and attacking the Democratic candidate Cindy Doran that his daily rants against Doran, the League of Women Voters and the Times Union make him the last person to claim he could be an impartial debate moderator. What's really happening here is the station and it's hosts are volunteer tools for the Republican side in an effort to draw attention away from the Republican candidate's refusal to debate using the non partisan League of Women Voters. Instead, Republican's are far more comfortable using a GOP apologist like Fred Dicker. Yes, turn the lights down to a soft hue when a friendly Republican calls to use the platform and turn them up all the way when it's time to attack Democrats.

Some years ago, the morning host who has an ownership interest in the station used to demand and set up debates each election cycle. Then one day a friend running for Congress, John Sweeney, didn't want to debate and the host, Paul Vandenburgh did a 180 turn on his bulldog style demand for debates. Now, to serve the interests of Republicans afraid of a nonpartisan debate, they run cover behind the partisan antics of Fred Dicker, aka, "Mr.Moderator"!

Fortunately the station has rather low listenership, but to use this media platform as a tool for the benefit of one candidate at the expense of another on a daily basis is a sterling example of how bad local talk radio can be in the realm of fairness. You can see their Nielson rating here, second from the bottom, WGDJ. Perhaps you now understand why.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Republicans Planning For New Candidate for Supervisor

So what's better than a replacement Republican candidate for Lou Desso? One with at least as much baggage to carry from Troy as the incumbent has amassed here.

County Republicans are planning to arrange former Troy mayor candidate Jim Gordon to run for Supervisor in North Greenbush. Gordon would be the hand picked candidate of Steve McLaughlin who disposed of Lou Desso's undeserved county job while kind of transferring the salary to his political ally Richard Crist in a new job title. Such is politics. Of course, Gordon has to move into town first and is in the process of moving into town. Maybe Lou could lend a helping hand in that endeavor.

The problem for Desso is the enormous challenge of several primaries as a write in candidate when the GOP hands the endorsements of the Independence and Conservative Parties off to Gordon, forcing Desso to try a write in to retain the lines, all of which were essential to his narrow 250 vote win last November.  Desso would have to win these write in primaries, along with the Working Families line and a Republican Primary in order to win a general election. Each of these lines was critical to Desso's narrow win, meaning he can't afford to lose even one.

It's too bad the GOP can't find a more palatable candidate than Gordon whose infamous domestic incident memorialized on a 911 call contributed to his loss for Troy Mayor. Not to mention other work place issues that caused a furor in the county building until he was transferred away from the distraction in the office of then County Executive Jimino.

Oh well, at least he pays his bills which is more than we can say for Mr. Desso who is still refusing to pay his $6000 restaurant tab at Moscatiello's.

The signs are ready!

Desso's critics will be armed with pay your bill signs at Thursday's town board meeting. Should be fun!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Desso Working the Phones, Passing the Koolaide for Meeting

What a difference a month makes and a front page article in the Times Union. Mr. Desso read the rules and despite trying with sidekick Al Spain to offer a tortured explaination to justify what they did last month in gaging residents from speaking any criticism of the town supervisor, the First Amendment was restored for the time being.

Was Lou Desso nervous? You bet he was. Not only was restaurant owner Michael Moscatiello present in the audience, but Lou must of spent a roll of quarters calling everybody he could think of to come to the meeting and praise him. A room full of strangers to board meetings, people who never come to meetings suddenly waiting to come to the microphone and guess what, all wanted to praise Lou Desso. Some say it's the Koolaide causing everyone to suffer a uniformed compulsion to speak and praise Lou. Of course all clapped after each confession of praise and loyalty. It was like an AA meeting!

Well almost everyone because two folks went up to the firing line and respectfully set forth the disgraceful conduct of the Supervisor in refusing to pay a $6000 restaurant bill, even after a court order. Lou was invited to explain to all why he or any person had the right and expectation not to pay a $6000 restaurant tab,fail to report the transaction to the State Board of Elections and falsify financial disclosure reports to conceal the transaction? Not a word came forth from his usually unstoppable mouth.

Personal attacks was the mantra used by Desso and Spain along with a few in the audience that took the cue.Any criticism of Desso will be considered a personal attack and that is how these board members will try to deflect from the facts and seriousness of the criticism.

A side note that caught our attention. Our workaholic town clerk chimed in claiming that a man was in the room who attacked her mother in the same manner poor Lou is so often subjected to. Her claim was totally contrived theater to curry favor with the mob mentality of the board majority. How quickly she forgets the time when she forgot to sign the oath of office and an unfriendly board was about to declare her office vacant and appoint someone else to her job. That man in the room stood up for her at that board meeting urging them to simply reappoint her to her job and forgive the mistake. We'll leave it to the readers to figure out the definition of personal character.

So now we wait to see if stupidity or good judgement will reign  as the threat to change the rules to end public comment on any topic was discussed as a possible course of action. This they hope will end any criticism of the board members. They must love the front page.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Troy Record Carrying Water for Desso

It was amazing to see the once reputable newspaper, the Record, write a softball story for Lou Desso once again. The paper has ignored all of the negative controversies involving Mr. Desso and written only fluff pieces like this one.

The article which is linked here, talks about Lou's recovery and new job back in substance abuse. Obviously they don't know about Lou's new watering hall, the Red Front, nor do we expect them to. But it's not unreasonable to ask why they failed to discuss his firing from Rensselaer County as a Deputy Mental Health Commissioner or the controversy surrounding the actions of the County Civil Service Commission when they created the job for him by removing critical college degree requirements from the job description. Not a word.

Never once has the Record reported the controversies surrounding his 16% property tax reduction, or his failure to pay a more than $6000.00 restaurant bill, or the Court case and trial in which Desso was ordered to pay the bill. The Record has never once mentioned the gag order he and his board majority imposed on free speech at the last town meeting.

Journalism needs some standards but there appears to be only a pass issued at the Record when it comes to Mr. Desso. Don't get us wrong, it's great Desso got himself a job, but the job of a newspaper is to tell the whole story and that is a reflection on the paper, not Mr. Desso.

Update: Talk Radio Slams Desso...again.
Listen to some of the exchange yesterday on Talk 1300 here.