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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Pay Raise Not Included in New Budget

The tentative town budget is out and the Supervisor has officially ducked, no longer planning a large pay raise to full time status. The budget can be read on the town's web site.

At the last town board meeting when confronted with his rumored plan he failed to deny it. Rather than answer a question at the end of the meeting, he quickly adjourned and bolted out the back door of the meeting room. A total professional.

So you might say he was afraid to go forward and is instead, is working on the GOP candidate for county executive in an effort to keep his undeserved county job. Ahh, sometimes party loyalty demands too much.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Meyers suspends campaign, Desso officially to be jobless January 1st

With Lou Desso's mentor officially out of the race, Lou Desso's undeserved $83k county job allowing him to campaign all day at taxpayer expense will end January 1st no matter which of the remaining candidates wins. So too will the funding end for the job he fenagled for his son in the district attorney's office. Another 75k savings.
So now the focus is on Desso's plan to triple his town supervisor salary so he can continue his taxpayer funded lifestyle.
Stay tuned as these things happen. Lou, maybe one of the developers will hire you if you can't get two board members to commit political suicide for you. I also hear Moscatiello's is looking for a waiter.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Desso Too Scared to Answer Qusetions

It was a pathetic display of stupidity and arrogance as our beloved Supervisor assured the audience that the Board would take questions immediately after the public comments at the end of the meeting.

During the opening  comments from the public his opponent, Ron Sinico stated his belief that Desso intends to put an $83,000 line item in the budget he presents October 3rd to increase and TRIPLE the salary of the Supervisor to full time. This is the amount of the county job Desso will lose in January when a new County Executive is Sworn in. Desso did not deny it and the meeting moved on.

So at the end he was asked if questions could be asked now at the end of the public comment period. He said immediately after the comment period.

He then adjourned the meeting and the board walked out the back door leaving the audience to ask questions of no one.

So as several folks were in the hall way, some having chuckle at Desso's expense, out walks Mr. D himself down the hallway past the the folks. So came the question, "Is this where we ask the questions?" Mr. Desso kept on truckin' right out the door without a wimper.

Classy hey! But folks, this is the side of Lou Desso he keeps from the public, the real Lou Desso.

Maybe residents can give his office a call and ask him his plans to TRIPLE his salary to offset the pending loss of his county job that he wasn't qualified for in the first place and hardly works at at least during campaign season.

Call Lou at 518-283-5313 and ask what salary he will propose in his new budget for the Supervisor's position?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

You're Fired!

The election results at the county level spell a career change for Lou Desso. His candidate lost and his nemesis Steve McLaughlin can't wait to utter those famous words of Donald Trump. If McLaughlin looses the general election for county executive, the Democratic candidate Andrea Smyth, will also have a career change on her mind for Lou.

Savings to taxpayers, about $83,000 annually. Add his son's needless job in the DA's office and county taxpayers will reap about $150,000 in savings.

You can read all the results here.

Now we'll see if Desso pulls a fast one to make his salary full time to make up for his future job loss. Hold on to your wallets North Greenbush!

Update: Lou and his future job provider Chris Meyer had a morning meeting at Stewarts and were in a deep discussion. Guess that Lou is boycotting Dunkin' Donuts!