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Friday, September 4, 2015

Trump and Desso?

Who'd have thunk?
Other than perhaps sharing the same hair stylist, most people would not have realized that Donald Trump and Lou Desso share the same philosophy when it comes to money and politics.

Mr. Desso has amassed the largest amount of campaign money anyone can recall for a person holding a council seat on a town board, now up to $27,0000 since this ad ran yesterday.

And no doubt all those developers and subcontractors will or have called on Lou and he'll be there for them.

But what about the average voter in a town where developers run the town board. You can figure that out.

Nonetheless, folks are already calling Lou "The Donald"!

And it's been a bad week for Lou and his asleep at the wheel town board members after a brutal state audit of his appointed IDA, (Industrial Development Agency).  A read of Supervisor candidate Ron Sinico's letter in the Advertiser spells it out clearly.


Interested Party said...

Trump has nicer hair and more $$$

Anonymous said...

Lou is not a Republican nor is Trump.

Anonymous said...

Lou and Trump are NOT republicans.