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Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Desso Response

Looks like Mr. Desso was wrangled by the letter detailing how he got college degrees waived to get appointed to an $81,000 county job he wasn't and isn't qualified for.

Like most politicians who can't refute the facts, this letter instead infers a non statrter, that the original letter somehow insulted folks without a college degree.  That just isn't so.  Any casual read of the earlier letter below this post reveals instead a well deserved criticisim of anyone who would get a degree requirement waived so they could have a job they were not qualified for.

The writer then goes on to talk about all the wonderful things Mr. Desso did including going to church. Sorry those things are irrelevant to the point of the initial letter, even if they are only partly embellished.

We thought our reader would like to see for themselves the documents supplied by the County that show what was done to allow Mr. Desso to be given an $81,000 county job. Below you will see the actual job descriptions of the position he now holds, Deputy Commissioner of Mental Health.  You will see that in 2005 the description required a Bachelors, Masters a 5 years clinical experience.  Then the Civil Service Commission met at the request of the county executive's office to change that long standing job description. a week before Christmas, December 13, 2012 on a Friday afternoon they removed the requirements above by adding a big OR and included an alternative to the degrees, 8 years experience as a qualified NY State Health Care Professional.

The rumor mill has long said that the county exec did this to keep Mr. Desso from engaging her in a primary.  But who know why she would have permitted such a reckless disregard for job requirements for a professional health position.

Nonetheless, read it for yourself, just the facts.

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Interested Party said...

Yeah- I saw the article- on what planet did Lou complete 3 1/2 years of college? Spent most of his time at the "G" building while at HVCC- more like 1/2 year of college more accurate- why doesn't he share his transcripts to justify his academic accomplishments?