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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Telling it like it is

This one really tells it like it is. Connections, not qualifications get you a job in the county office building. College degrees required? No problem, change the job description and give him $81,000 a year.

That's Lou Desso, the fellow trying to tell us how much he's done for us all the while picking our pockets for himself and his family.

The letter in today's Advertiser says it all but you might like to revisit a link to to the hard copy here.
And you might enjoy our view of political waivers for required college degrees.  Call it "Dr. Desso".  And why not? If the politicians can with a stroke of the pen put someone in a professional job by granting a political waiver for 2 needed college degrees, then why not waive medical school for doctors?

In Rensselaer County anything seems possible when a politician or his kid needs a job.  Desso's son was given a created $75,000 job as a spokesman for the new DA who refuses to prosecute connected GOP politicos.  There's a slap in the face to all the Assistant DA's who went to college and spent a fortune getting a 3 year law degree. The son of a politician makes far more money than they do.  How's that make them feel?

So read it for the 2015 election. Dr. Desso wants another paycheck and another job, that of Town Supervisor.  He'll be able to run the town from his full time job in the county office building, with county taxpayers paying him to do it and town taxpayers giving him another big paycheck.

So meet "Dr. Desso.

1 comment:

Interested Party said...

Way to tell it like it is- Desso is out for Desso- period.