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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Malone Subject of Disciplinary Hearing

The appointed judge in North Greenbush seeking election this fall is reported to be the subject of a disciplinary hearing conducted by the 3rd Judicial Department Committee on Professional Standards which could result in her permanent removal from the bench.

Sources tell the Pipeline that witnesses have testified about events leading up to her decision to convict a defendant of a traffic violation after the police officer failed to show up at the trial.  Normally this would result in an immediate dismissal for failure to prosecute but Malone apparently put the defendant on the stand under oath and asked questions including "Why do you think you're not guilt and whatever the answer, convicted him of the violation. An attorney present at this proceeding stood up and told the judge that she could not do this.  The judge admonished him and told him to sit down. It is our understanding that a member of the BAR filed the complaint with the Committee on Standards.

The Pipeline is calling upon the judge to issue a statement either denying she is the subject of a disciplinary hearing or explaining the circumstances in their entirety. She should also disclose why she quit the bench for a job in the District Attorney's Office only to quit 2 weeks later and then ask Lou Desso and his fellow board members to reappoint her to the job she quit.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, what a tangled Web we weave....
Looks like some cracks forming in the bulletproof GOP facade. Interesting, very interesting.
........Attripa Kellum