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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Martin Reid Indicted


Martin Reid, the GOP Chair of the Rensselaer County Legislature has been indicted by a Grand Jury directed by the office of the State Attorney General for unemployment insurance fraud related charges.

The front page of today's Times Union has an exclusive report which details the history of protection Reid received by fellow Republican District Attorney Joel Abelove.  Abelove recently appeared on the Fred Dicker radio show and was asked about the case.  He also consistently denied his office had ever received a referral from the State Labor Department despite evidence to the contrary.

Justice may be late in this instance but at least Reid will have his day in court. You may read the story in the TU here.
Below is Reid, third from the left along with Joel Abelove, first on left in happier times.


Interested Party said...

Marty Reid is the biggest empty suit I've ever seen- career politician who accomplished nothing- sound familiar, Mr. Spain???

Anonymous said...

Next in Court better be old friend Joel Abelove