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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Does Desso Work at his $81k job in Renss County?

You have to wonder after his time and attendance records were recently foiled whether Lou Desso works at his $81,000 job as Deputy Commissioner of Mental Health.  On Thursday August 12th at 3:24 PM, he was riding around town in his grey Honda, specifically on Whiteview Road,  as new signs were going up from his opponent.

The signs take a crack at Desso's ability to be supervisor noting that he has an absurd number of campaign signs but no education or credentials to be a supervisor. "All the campaign signs in the world can't replace the education, experience and ability to run North Greenbush", state the signs embedded in his jungle of clutter.

He's got the signs, his opponent has the two critical college degrees Desso had waived by his political pals in the county so they could give him an $81,000 job he wasn't qualified for. But you have to wonder whether he's needed in the county at all if he can spend his afternoons campaigning.  The next question is whether he's charging the time when he out and about in the early afternoon.  We'll let you know.

Desso fails to file Financial Disclosure Report

A look at the State Board of Elections Web site this morning shows that Lou Desso has failed to file his required 32 Day Pre Primary Report.  Some laws just don't apply to Lou Desso.

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