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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sound advice for Abelove with editorial criticism

Hopefully you can read the content even though is is a subscribed link.  It's important to see the seriousness of the crisis in public confidence the new district attorney has managed to create in a matter a weeks on the job by taking special care of his political friends by either dismissing pending charges or ignoring his duty to prosecute another friend by turning the decision over to a special prosecutor.

Now the areas largest newspaper has weighed in clearly explaining the issue.

You can read it here.

The TU has since posted another embarrassing story involving Reid and Assemblyman Steve McLoughlin. Reid was on McLoughlin's payroll for several months last year earning another $486.00 bi-weekly on top of his salary at the legislature. His workplace was listed as McLaughlin's Troy District office.  Funny, can't seem to recall seeing McLaughlin's Troy Office although it would be interesting to compare his time and attendance records from both jobs and to FOIL access to any records representing his work for McLoughlin.  Surely Fred Dicker will ask his show regular about his thoughts on the Reid case and what he did at this Troy office in between those long hours reported in his other part time gig at the county legislature.

What's funny here is that the usually bombastic McLoughlin refuses to utter a word of criticism on Reid's actions deliberately falsifying records to get unemployment insurance.Imagine if Sheldon Silver were doing what Reid did! Affirming to the State Labor Department he did no work and looked for work to get an unemployment check while signing time sheets and payroll certifications in Rensselaer County attesting that he did work in order to collect his county paycheck.  Sorry guys, this is fraud, pure and simple and DA Abelove knows it and is doing nothing about it while he indites two average citizens for the same thing to collect benefits they did not deserve.

So come on Mr. McLoughlin,  what say you about Martin Reid? Should he resign too, Should the DA do the right thing for Republicans and ask for a special prosecutor here or simply protect them using his office as a shield from justice?  And of course the burning question, why would McLoughlin hire Reid when it was disclosed last summer Reid had wrongfully collected unemployment insurance? Another good question for Mr. Dicker.

Read the article here.

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