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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Honoring The Thief in Chief

Pictured above on Day One of the GOP  Protection Plan are new DA Joel Abelove, left, and second from right, Martin Reid. The other gentlemen are GOP legislators.

Get your tickets early folks. With the Chairman of the Rensselaer County Legislature under fire for taking $15 grand in illegal unemployment benefits and his best buddy the newly elected District Attorney refusing to prosecute him despite a criminal referral from the State Labor Department, Republicans are not joining the chorus demanding a  resignation from Martin Reid and a recusal from the DA Joel Abelove.

Instead they're holding a fundraiser honoring the Thief in Chief at Paulo Lombardi's Restaurant on March 13th. Yes indeed, get your tickets early as Mr. Reid gets the award for the most public money taken by a public official without any fear of prosecution.

We're certain DA Abelove and probably his entire staff will be present to pay homage to GOP corruption standards in Rensselaer County. Hey why not let the new DA present the award!

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