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Friday, April 3, 2015

A Cartoon Gem

We got this gem of a cartoon comment in a weekly publication. It sums up the state of justice in Rensselaer County with a new Republican District Attorney who treats well connected GOP politicos with a form of immunity from any unlawful conduct. You've read enough of the particulars on the DA's dismissal of child endangerment charges against campaign aide and legislative boss Richard Crist and his "boss" in the county legislature Martin Reid who manages to avoid prosecution by the DA despite a criminal referral from the State Labor Department for taking $15 k in unlawful unemployment insurance benefits.

Especially humorous was the tag line noting the sponsor as the "Committee for Fair and Impartial Justice". You might remember Joe Bruno created a group of GOP operatives to keep watch over a special prosecutor that was investigating corruption by GOP politicians a decade ago. This included a fear that his son, then the DA, might get nailed in the investigation for the manipulation of a grand jury that indicted two innocent county staffers to protect the sitting county executive at the time.

Only in Rensselaer County! Makes you wonder how our favorite town politicians with ties to the current county GOP power structure feel about the mess surrounding the DA? Lou Desso and Kelly Hoffman have remained silent on the Crist and Reid matters and the DA's actions. They sit on our town board with Desso enjoying an $81,000 job in the county after the GOP run Civil Service Commission threw out all the educational requirements so he could be appointed Deputy Commissioner of Public Health.  He then managed to get his son a specially created $75,000 job on the new DA's payroll. Hoffman is also a County Legislator who has said nothing about the DA's conduct or that of Crist and Reid. So much for legislative oversight.


Anonymous said...

All three belong in prison

Anonymous said...

Did Rick Tinkham draw this? Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Could you post the referral received by the DA from the State Labor Department? I know I would enjoy reading it.