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Monday, November 1, 2010

Writing In is Easy!

The last thing you will fill in on your ballot tomorrow is a choice for North Greenbush Town Council. Candidate Lou Desso does not like elections. He is contemptuous of your choice and so he didn't want to give you one. He took a day off at your expense when he was supposed to be at three Public Hearings and a Town Board Meeting to invade the Democratic Party's nominating caucus. He did take a break form the arm twisting and cajoling to take a rather public leak in the parkin lot of the Elk's Lodge, but otherwise he guarded his sheep like a wolf on the prowl.

You can have a choice despite his efforts with the new balloting system. Rather than filling in an oval for Desso on any of the 5 party lines he holds, you can simply write in the candidate if your choice with the pen they hand you with your ballot. We've done so here with our choice, Democrat Delores Celeste who Desso grabbed her party's nomination from.

So despite what Lou Desso did to take away your choice tomorrow, you can send a message. It's one that is important to a functioning democracy. Voting is a right and giving people the chance to listen to a campaign that forces competing candidates and visions to express and defend their positions matters. Take a minute to let Mr. Desso know that you too think it matters.

Below is the entire NG ballot.

Budget Hearings

Here is the schedule of public hearings this evening at town hall. All relate to the budget.

The Town Board of the Town of North Greenbush will be holding three Public Hearings on Monday November 1, 2010 at the Town Offices at 2 Douglas Street in Wynantskill:


Special District Assessment Rolls for Town of North Greenbush Special Districts
Public Hearing at 7:00pm
The Board will hear and consider any objections to the roll at this time.

Operation and Maintenance Charges for Town of North Greenbush Special Districts
Public Hearing at 7:15pm

Town of North Greenbush 2011 Preliminary Budget
Public Hearing at 7:30pm

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This voter did not read The Pipeline prior to voting yesterday. However, I did notice how easy a write in vote is now on the new balot and I did write in a choice for N.G. Town Board.

When I saw the new balot and the ease of a write in vote I immediately thought how a whole new world has been opened to voters and campaigners. It will now be very easy for voters to take back the all-line control we have seen too many times in North Greenbush. Write in campaigns can be successful and with the new balot they will be even easier.