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Friday, October 29, 2010

Free Standing Incumbent

Well it didn't take long for the "Vote Them Out" sign folks to find a work around to the labels they have been pasting on Roy McDonald's signs. After CH 13 ran a story on the caper and exposed a former Sand Lake Councilman as the McDonald volunteer running around in a crazed state pealing off the labels for fear voters would find out McDonald is an incumbent, a new technique was employed for identifying McDonald as an incumbent.

This time no one is placing a sticker on his signs. Instead they are placing their own signs right under McDonald's signs which say "INCUMBENT SENATOR MCDONALD". No foul here, although the bet is that McDonald's sign man will be just as angry. Someone, dare we guess who, is continuing to steal the Joanne Yepsen signs in North Greenbush and town police are monitoring the signs along with a little new technology that may help them out.

Last night another 6 signs were stolen from the same spots reported to the police. Just cross your fingers that they come back one more time and steal the right one.

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