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Friday, November 5, 2010

Voters Reject Holding Two Offices

Our Lou Desso should pay close attention to the voters of East Greenbush who were given a choice at the polls this week with regard to a county legislator holding a second elective office on the town board. They sent his legislative colleague, Michael Cristo to the bench in a sound and crushing defeat in his bid to be re-elected to the Town Board seat the courts removed him from.

We suspect that North Greenbush residents would have exercised the same judgment had Lou Desso not acted to corrupt the electoral process by invading the Democratic Party nominating caucus and capturing the party's endorsement from his endorsed Democratic opponent, Delores Celeste.

Now Desso is no more a Democrat than Karl Rove, but unlike Rove, Desso has no shame when it comes to running as a Democrat when he is in fact a Conservative playing with the Republicans. In fact, Desso has no shame at all as evidenced by his write in effort to take the endorsement of a party he loathes, the Working Families Party. Desso even secured the Independence Party line making him "Five Line Louie", the king of candidates who stands for nothing except winning at any cost, and making a mockery of the Democratic process by denying voters a choice.

Voters did react by writing in about 100 times on election day for a choice other than Desso. We suspect that had he faced an opponent, voters would have sent him the same resounding message they sent in East Greenbush to his Legislative colleague. You can view the election results here but they do not include additional write in votes on absentee ballots.

North Greenbush residents were denied a election debate on the issues confronting the town because of Desso's fear of an election where people are given a choice at the ballot box. That's why the Democratic Committee has changed the town to a Primary system which will assure Desso has an opponent who is a Democrat and not a Republican afraid of voter choice. Next year he'll have an opponent and voters will decide how much power one politician should have. They'll also get a chance to react to Desso's pending vote to slap town taxpayers with a 5% county tax hike that will take $282,000 from the pockets of town property owners.

It seems that when Desso wears his county hat he has no problem whacking town voters with a tax hike. It's only when he sits on the town board as a councilman that he protests and insists we can't afford a tax hike. There is a word for it Lou, hypocrisy, a word that fits you no matter what party you pretend to align yourself with.

A final foot note, be thankful North Greenbush voters will have a chance next year to end the holding of two elective offices. The alternative is to face the issue when trying to hold your legislative seat three years from now.

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