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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Presenting King Louie I of North Greenbush

County Legislator-Councilman Lou Desso showed just how scared he is of having an election where someone other than himself is on the ballot by orchestrating a lawsuit to invalidate an independent nominating petition filed by Democrat Delores Celeste.

Of course he used the resources of the county legislature including their attorney to file the suit and a little help from legislative staffer Richard Crist who kindly notarized the material.

You'd have to say Lou Desso prefers a coronation to an election and so why not just dub him King Louie I of North Greenbush. No election needed for a King, just have the loyal subjects submit to the will of the sovereign.

Loyal subjects Kathryn Connolly and Al Spain get an honorable mention as petitioners for King Louie. These so called Democrats are listed as petitioners on the lawsuit leaving no doubt, if there was any left, as to their loyalty to the Republican Party. Time to get honest with yourselves and change those party registrations. You just can't support Republicans like this and claim your a "good democrat". Show some guts folks.

Probe of Connolly Expanding

Two DA's are better than one when it comes to probing the activities of one Thomas Connolly who has found himself in the spotlight concerning the expenditure of funds of the Independence Party. This NY Post article gives us a hint as to the seriousness of the probe.
Connolly lives here in NorthGreenbush and is the GOP installed Chair of the Rensselaer County Independence Party and a State Party Vice Chair. Remarkably, he holds a $100,000 a year job working for a renegade Democratic State Senator as does his sidekick, Josh Ehrlich, who was appointed to a part time job here in town hall as a Deputy Town Attorney after he helped the the GOP take over the Democratic Committee in 2008.

Connolly was seen attending a post caucus party held at a Main Avenue restaurant thrown by Lou Desso. We got a great deal of feedback on this party which we will have to make readers wait for.

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