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Friday, September 3, 2010

Desso Calls it Fraud

Now there's a set of you know whats for ya. Lou Desso calling a petition fraudulent, a serious breach of public trust no doubt. Today's Record finds the double dipper calling the independent petition of Democrat Delores Celeste fraudulent.

Lou must have forgotten his infamous contribution to making Primary Day 2005 "Absentee Day" in North Greenbush. Lou managed to get primary voters for minor party lines to sign absentee ballot applications saying they would be out of town when they had no intention of being out of town. He would then help them fill out the ballots and in many cases, have them write in his name and that of his running mates. Kind of like going into the booth with each voter to be sure how they vote.

More people voted absentee that year than at the polls. Unheard of to say the least. The ballots were challenged in court and when the challenged ballots were opened, every last one of them was a Desso vote. Remarkable coincidence hey?

That day in September 2005, folks went to the doors of these out of town voters and documented their presence at home.

Well we'd have to say Lou Desso knows fraud when he sees it. His opponent at the time knew it too as this sworn affidavit demonstrates.
Evers Affidavit

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