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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Democrats Repond

It did not take long for the Democratic Party to respond to the misleading attacks orchestrated by Lou Desso with a series of letters to the Troy Record submitted by operatives, some of which are enrolled as Democrats and all of which repeat a series of lies and malicious attacks about party leaders.

This response in today's Troy Record from Party Chairman Dan Ashley reacts to a registered Democrat long associated with Jeff Spain and his now defunct group called the "Reformed Democrats" which was the tag name used to funnel cash into a political action committee which was used to fund their campaign in 2006.

That so called Democrat is Pat Nolan who ran unsuccessfully for a party committee seat and was briefly appointed by the GOP led town board to the town's anemic Ethics Board, only to quickly resign from the post. He is also affiliated with the Snyder's Lake Association. Regardless of his past, Nolan wrote a deliberately misleading attack which twisted truth to the point of non recognition which you can read here.

Mr. Nolan loves to sponsor candidate debates as part of his affiliation with the Lake Association. Perhaps he would have the guts to debate his letter and "facts" with Democratic leaders. We could start with his claim of party leaders illegally firing town employees or his claim that party leaders failed to provide a "satisfactory explanation" for $21,000 in party funds. The State Board of Elections is completely satisfied with the accounting of party funds but, Mr. Nolan knows that and continues to throw this malicious and downgrading nonsense around like a volleyball. It's the same nonsense that Democrats left the town with a sizable debt when the facts demonstrate that it was Democrats in 2006 who uncovered the debt left by the GOP Board which conveniently failed to make a required payment to the Retirement System while bragging during their campaign they had a surplus. When the payment was made, the surplus disappeared and the deficit which has grown under Lou Desso, became a reality.

But facts are never allowed to get in the way with this crew. Just keep repeating the lies and hope they stick Mr. Nolan. Daniel Patrick Moynihan said it best, "Everyone is entitled to their opinion but no one is entitled to their own set of facts".

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