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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Desso Calls the Dems

It didn't take long before some of the Democrats Lou Desso thought he could count on to vote for him in the Democratic Caucus called the real Democrats in town to let them know of his effort to infiltrate the opposition party's nominating caucus. It appears that he does not know who is friends really are because these folks were miffed that he would try to take the Democratic Party endorsement while holding the Republican endorsement and deny people a choice in November.

It's also a sign that Desso stands for nothing. He is disloyal to a Republican Party vision, if any exists and he cares not about the party vision that Democrats have for the town. All he cares about is winning and not a bit about how winning is achieved.

For our part, we can't wait to see which "Democrat" will stand up and nominate this rascal. We have some early bets which include the long lost Democrat Al Spain or his brother Jeff who showed his party loyalty when he pilfered away all the party's money to charities after he lost control in 2008. A judge has ordered him to make more than $3,000 in restitution but of course Jeff is a Spain and they don't care what judges say. He has yet to obey the order of the court.

Whoever stands up and nominates Republican Desso, they're sure to secure their place in the history books as Democrats who stand for nothing, who think of an election as a game where only one person is on the ballot and most people can just stay home. Democracy in North Greenbush, well Democracy in the eyes of a minority of people with narrow minds and no principles.

Real Democrats will get the message today and Mr. Desso will hopefully get the message Thursday night. Be a man and don't be afraid to face a real Democratic candidate in November. She won't bite Lou and if she wins, there be no more name calling at Board meetings. Imagine, a little civility comes to town hall.

Here's a press release from Democratic Chairman Dan Ashley which announce the party committee's endorsement. From the looks of it, we think Chairman Ashley is looking forward to humiliating Desso at the caucus by handing him a decisive message.
Dems to Caucus 810

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