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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Germano to the Rescue

It didn't take long for Jim Germano to show his cards. He's stumping for the Republicans again and Lou Desso for tonights Democratic Caucus. The Democrat who wheeled and dealed with Republican Henry Zwack, then became a Conservative, then a Democrat again, then a candidate for Democratic Committee, then withdrew because he faced a primary, was recently against Desso and now is running his caucus effort, has finally showed his hand. He's a Republican again!

And Democrat turned Republican sympathizer Katie Connolly was on the warpath yesterday with the State and County Boards of Elections trying to run a caucus her way. It's really amazing to watch these people try to subvert an election by jumping through hoops to put the same Republican candidate on every ballot line leaving voters with no choice at the polls.

We hear Al Spain will be a no show at the caucus and the town board because he's out of town in the motor city. Hope he didn't take Jet Blue. They treat passengers the way Spain and Desso treat the Supervisor at board meetings.

There's an article in today's Record about the caucus which you can read here. Should be another interesting night with Lou Desso trying to subvert another election by being the only person on the ballot. Democracy the Desso way!

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