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Monday, August 9, 2010

Dems Ready for GOP Invasion

When Democrats caucus, Republican sympathizers generally attend the party caucus in an effort to steal the Democratic line and hand it to the Republicans. Nationally, the GOP has become known as the "party of NO". Here in North Greenbush, they have been the "party of nothing", meaning, they stand for nothing except winning at all costs, even by becoming the only choice on the ballot for voters.

Last year Democrats watched as Kelly Hoffman attempted to take the Democratic line in addition to the Republican line. She was joined by another endorsed GOP candidate Kathryn Connolly. Both were defeated.

This year it appears Republican nominee Lou Desso may try to be the only candidate on the ballot in November by attempting to steal away the Democratic endorsement. He is also attempting a write in vote for the Working Families Party for which has no liking.

So Democrats are gearing up to send Lou Desso and the GOP a message. Stay with the Party of No because the Democratic Party believes it's very different from the GOP and intends to ensure VOTER CHOICE in November by letting voters choose between two distinctively different candidates.

The Democratic Caucus is at 7PM at the Elks on RT 4. Doors will open early and voters will be signed in just like they are on election day. It is also likely that the caucus once convened, will vote to end the issuance of ballots after 15 or 20 minutes, in order to proceed with the voting. Only Democrats may enter the caucus and children are welcomed in the company of a adult properly credentialed as a registered Democrat.

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