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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Democrats To Caucus

Town Democrats will hold their Caucus on Thursday, August 12th at 7PM at the Elks Lodge on RT 4. Democratic Chairman Dan Ashley filed the necessary notices today that will permit party members to gather for the purpose of nominating a candidate to fill the unexpired term of one year for the town board seat Lou Desso was recently appointed to after his Republican allies in the Rensselaer County Legislature voted in a party line vote to change the law so that Desso could serve in a second, clearly conflicting elective office on the town board.

Since returning to the board thanks to the vote of "Democrat" Al Spain and two GOP board members, Desso has been busy usurping the authority of the Town Supervisor. Whether doing end runs around her normal authority as the Civil Service representative for the town or declaring taxes will not go up regardless of the deficit projected to reach nearly $400,000 by February, Desso has behaved like an enforcer on the town board. At a recent meeting, he repeatedly disrespected the Supervisor, caller her a liar repeatedly.

Power has clearly gone to his head and voters will have a chance to put an end to the self serving dual office holding law that allowed Desso to circumvent a Court Order removing him from the town board after he was elected to the County Legislature.

All registered town Democrats may attend and vote in the caucus.

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