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Monday, July 26, 2010

Fraud Allegations Hit Press

William Madsen

Today's Record has a front page lead item on the fraud allegations reported here on the "obscure blog" involving William Madsen, a so called Democrat who has been part of the GOP team in North Greenbush for some years. Yes, he's the Democrat who donated to the GOP fundraiser and then ran for a Democratic Committee seat. That's party loyalty for you.

You can read the story here. To be fair and the article was as well, there are no allegations that the town clerk, Ms. Connolly was involved in this alleged petition fraud in any way. Madsen alone signed the witness statement to the petition that happened to carry Connolly's name as well as Madsen's for a committee seat in District 8.

Madsen's claims indicate that he does not understand the burden his oath and affirmation places on him or any witness to a petition. You can't sit in a car and watch someone sign or stand off while someone else carries the petition. The person signing has to believe and understand who they are signing in front of and clearly, many folks on this petition did not. That statement reads, "Each of the individuals ...subscribed the same in my presence...and identified himself to be the individual who signed this sheet."

Specific objections must be filed by the end of the day today at the BOE and from that point, the matter can be brought before a State Supreme Court judge.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Given that Mr Madsen has been on the N.G. planning board for the past 18 years, I'd like to ask him WHERE'S THE PLANNING?

When is our planning board going to hold developers building in N. Greenbush to high standards? If a small village like West Sand Lake can do it, why can't we?

The West Sand Lake Rite Aide should be the standard of construction.

If Mr. Madsen is so proud of his record, then why doesn't he stand up and ensure that our town is developed with the highest of standards?