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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Sign of the Times

Folks are gearing up for the expected campaigns of three 'double dipping" county legislators who never saw a public paycheck they didn't like. These signs are appearing in advance of the Public Hearing called by GOP County Legislators who can't wait to pass a local law to get around a court order and allow them to start cashing in by getting elected to town board seats in North and East Greenbush.

Our own Lou Desso has had his hand out for more cash even before the Courts ordered him off the town board a second time. He got a stay of the first court order, grabbed another month's pay before getting booted again by a unanimous five judge decision affirming his first boot.

Democrats can't wait to muddy up these greedy double dipping elected officials who also double dip their hours to the State Retirement System. Should be a lot of fun for Democrats as they get to muddy up Lou Desso and his pals from East Greenbush who have a simple campaign slogan. "We want more!"

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