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Friday, April 9, 2010

March Madness Continues

It looks like Lou Desso's case of March Madness has inspired a spirited response to his proposed playbook. Today's Record has this cute response to Desso's Monday letter to the editor which has many folks who know Desso literally gagging on his sports analogy seemingly written to the music of the Star Spangled Banner.

Sources also tell us that Desso has been shopping around for a Democratic vote on the proposed law which is likely to be voted on and passed by a Republican majority in the Legislature next Tuesday. He recently coffee'd with the Minority Leader seeking his support but will find no Democrats with the same twisted ethical standards needed to pass the double standards imposed by the law as written. You may recall that the law would allow legislators from the towns to serve on town boards but would not allow legislators from the county's two cities to serve on city councils. Now that's fair hey?

Democrats are said to be excited about the special election in November in which they will get to argue Desso's Double Dipper Law. They not only get to point out the greed exhibited by grabbing two public paychecks, two hits to the State Retirement System and the desire for more power, they also get to talk about the huge deficit Desso helped create which now sits at $171,000 and growing every day.

Remember in November indeed!

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Anonymous said...

Desso just can't seem to accept his removal from the town board by the courts. Just look at his PR piece in the Advertiser with the banner "Councilman" Lou Desso. It was written after he was removed for the second time by the courts so you have to conclude Desso is either arrogant or can't accept the verdict.