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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Greed Trumps Jobs

Looks like the town hall employees may need a visit from "The Donald" in order to force badly needed savings to eliminate a $171,000 deficit created in part from needless spending on the part of the town boards and in larger part from the greed of town employees from UPSEU who have their hands deep in the pockets of taxpayers thanks to an absurd contract negotiated by Mark Evers, the former Supervisor.

Today's Record has an update on the story brought to you here yesterday which you can read here. It confirms our report from a concerned employee who believed the rejection of the contract would force the town board's hand and give further justification for quick job eliminations in order to both deal with the wasteful insurance buyouts being taken advantage of by some in town hall and the deficit which threatens to strangle taxpayers.

If the union values the buyouts more than working with the town to address the deficit, then the town board has one option, eliminate the jobs in town hall that we can get by without. With the elimination of the jobs comes a double bonus, saving the buyout money that would otherwise have been spent. So don't be surprised in these tough fiscal times that the town board is forced to call on "The Donald" to utter words he surely has no hesitation in speaking in his private sector reality, "You're fired!"

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