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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Polite Meeting

The new town board met last evening in its annual Organizational Meeting and it was a polite, civil affair. Despite the friction reported leading up to the meeting, there were no bombs thrown and all of the discussion was as it should be.

While the appointments phase of the meeting had no surprises, the absence of a couple of appointments was left unexplained. Neither of the two controversial deputy town attorneys was on the agenda for appointment. Both of their terms expired on 12/31/09 leaving a question as to whether either can legally continue to serve. Also not on the agenda was the Town Comptroller. In this position, the appointee continues to serve until a new appointee is voted in by the board. The same is true of a Town Attorney if an appointment to a new term is not made for this position, however, the incumbent town attorney, Fred Kirwin, was reappointed for a two year term.

Since no discussion took place on the positions which were not placed on the agenda as expected, we'll have to wait and see what the board does at its regular meeting on January 14th at 7pm to complete its appointment process.

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Anonymous said...

Read Lillian's letter to the Record. Who knew she was so well versed. Are we really supposedto believe she wrote that letter. Has Rich Crist all over it.