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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Organizational Meeting Tonight

The new Town Board is set to meet tonight, January 6th at 7PM for its Organizational Meeting. As of yet there is no agenda posted for the meeting but past practice has included the routine appointment of various officials and designations of official banks, newspapers etc.

One area of past controversy was the appointment of two deputy town attorneys, neither of whom reside in the town and one of which lives in Albany County. Their appointments reflected political clout and in one case an IOU but it remains to be seen whether the new board is at all enamored with the political baggage each carries. One is a former judge removed from the bench by the State's highest court and the other, well, read for yourself below why he's the last guy the town should have representing us prosecuting cases in town court.

It's a new year and a new board so we'll give all the benefit of the doubt and see whether its business as usual or a new look for the new board and year with higher standards than in the past.

We do wish the incoming board members well and hope they will use their own independent judgment when making decisions.

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