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Friday, January 8, 2010

Does The Law Matter?

Well it appears that master letter writer for the county Republicans Richard Crist is busy again penning letters for GOP operatives like Lillian Parsons and Lou Desso. Letters in the Record today and yesterday attack Democrats for going to court to get a resolution to a question presented by County Law that precludes a county legislator from serving or holding another local elective office.

Their defense is that "Democrats did it too". Well if Democrats did it too, they will turn out to be just as wrong as anyone else. The point however, is that a judge must decide what is legal and what is not and we will all have to accept that decision. That's how we demonstrate respect for the law.

So while we invite you to read the Richard Crist prose from this latest round of letters, understand that two wrongs don't make a right. If it was wrong for one, it was wrong for all, regardless of political stripes. Your vote counts no less but in order to be eligible to run for a second office, the law establishes rules that must be followed. You can read these letters here and here.

"Spade" your pet?

If Richard Crist wrote this letter to the editor for former boss Neil Kelleher, he needs to remember that phonetics isn't perfect and we certainly hope the intent of this letter on pet care wasn't to tell people to "spade" their pet! Rich and Neil, it's "Spay" your pet. No folks, you can't perform the procedure on politicians as much as you think they should be! Our thanks to reader Newbaumturk for pointing this one out to us.

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