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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election Results

Unofficial results for North Greenbush are posted above as seen on the official county website. Results of last night's county and town elections are posted in their entirety on the Rensselaer County BOE web site here.

This one has many long time political observers wondering what drove voters throughout Rensselaer County's towns to lift the county and town Republican lines to surprising victories. The effect was seen throughout the county's towns where Republicans swept every legislative race and voters stayed on the Republican line as they entered the town races.

All four seats on the county legislature in District 2 which includes North Greenbush, went to the Republican column as did the only other town incumbent in Sand Lake. Equally shocking was the defeat of every Republican, all six, holding seats in the legislature from Troy.  The Rensselaer City seat is a toss up separated by just 4 votes with more than 100 absentee ballots uncounted.

Because of the Republican victory in the legislative races throughout the county, they retained a majority of at least 12 of the 19 member legislature. Every incumbent in the county legislature save one Troy Democrat appears defeated with only Rensselaer undecided.

The impact in North Greenbush of the GOP legislative victory was immediately seen at the town council level with the two Republicans gaining a victory and the GOP backed Supervisor, showing a surprising second place victory despite his baggage. Had it not been for the three way race waged by Michael Miner, Evers would have won re-election.  Miner gained a respectable 1000 votes in the unofficial tally. Enough to deny Evers another term and make Josephine  Ashworth the town's first woman elected Supervisor.

On the judicial side, Raymond Elliott and Joshua Sabo won defeating Republican opponents Dell and Piel while Kathryn Connolly defeated Jan Liberty in a hotly contested race.

The Greenbush Party was not a factor outside of two election districts in a surprising reversal from the strength exhibited two years ago. This certainly contributed to the GOP council victories.

We congratulate all the winners.

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