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Friday, November 6, 2009


 Republicans retain City of Rensselaer Legislative seat by 26 votes

Desso Addresses Deficit with Attention Deficit
The town has concluded its Public Hearing on the town budget complete with its unaddressed $64,000 deficit which the Board has done nothing to eradicate.  Perhaps one of the reasons Councilman Lou Desso has done nothing to address the deficit is his own case of attention deficit disorder.

The GOP Board member was observed pulling out a map, opening it full spread while public comment about the deficit was taking place. It caused Al Spain to comment, "You've got to stop that" in an overheard whisper. Even Evers was taken aback with his action offering a quizzical look as CB Smith could not resist the opportunity to ask aloud if Desso needed some help with directions, noting he'd be happy to help after the meeting. He also can be heard commenting that it's obvious Mr. Desso is not capable of comprehending the subject at hand.

This is apparently how Desso has decided to react when people he dislikes have the microphone at town board meetings. In the hallway, after the meeting, Desso was overheard expressing his anger over the zing he received and tried to ignore. "Nobody should speak with him", was Desso's mantra, reflecting his total paranoia with his political nemesis.

Perhaps his paranoia will extend to trying to fire town officials and employees who even speak with his political adversary. What a rip! But the councilman should also be aware that the New York Courts take such conduct at Public Hearings very seriously. There is a body of case law where courts have nullified the votes of elected officials on matters where there is documentation that they were not paying attention at public hearings where they are required to do so.

Map reading classes have not yet been scheduled for the ADS afflicted councilman, but we're working to get him the help he clearly needs, beginning with a class on common sense.

You can listen to the hearing here on our Pipeline Radio.
NG Public Hearing 2009 Budget

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