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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update: 2PM  
A higher than normal voter turnout is reported in North Greenbush in Districts 1,2,3,4,5,6.
No problems reported with the machines.

Our Endorsements 6:AM

The higher standards are on Row A in North Greenbush.  If you're looking to for thoughtful candidates who understand the stakes for this town with development, candidates who seek progress that adds value to the tax base rather than simply traffic, Democrats offer our community a clear vison that protects our quality of life.

It takes three votes, however, to make a change on the town board. So if you want the policies and concerns of the Democratic and Greenbush Party candidates implemented at the town level, you  must elect three new Board Members.

Of course this ballot reflects only candidates for the county legislature and town offices.  There are also other important races for Supreme Court, County Court Judge and Family Court Judge. We believe the Democrats hold the edge here as well in qualifications and professional standards.

There are ballot proposition as well in this election. Familiarize yourself with those propositions by reading them when you go to the polls. They are posted on the wall for you to read or you can read them here.

Help has arrived after a difficult 2 years of rule by a Board Majority created from a corrupt political bargain of cross endorsements. In this election, the voters and not the party bosses will make the decisions.

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