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Monday, August 24, 2009

Lillian to the Rescue

God help the Democrats. Lillian Parsons, a registered Republican has been busy making phone calls to Democrats all over town asking them to vote for Mike Miner, the Conservative who is supposed to run the Building Department.

So much for her lapdog friendship with Mark Evers. But once again, Republicans are bringing out their "heavy artillery" to invade the Democratic Party Caucus and disrupt Democrats as they move to endorse Democrats, unaffiliated with Republicans in the November election. The most bizare call went to the Ashworth family, home of Jospehine Ashworth, the Democratic Committee endorsed candidate for Supervisor asking them to vote for someone other than Josephine. What's in her high priced public water you ask?

We won't get into Miner's role in the Water 14 overruns and that fiasco here. It's been documented enough to fill a chapter or two in this blog alone. But Parsons and her GOP friends who dished out more excuses for the bid rigging in Water 14 and the cost overruns, than numbers on a counter in an election machine, are the last folks to call upon to influence Democratic voters, or anyone else for that matter..

The best thing Republicans could do is ask Ms. Parsons to sit back and enjoy a Manhattan or two with her long lost former buddy, the Supervisor, who incidentally is supposed to be Miner's boss. Only in North Greenbush could such a plot be conceived and only in this town do we find characters like Lillan who somehow became a master of Direct Mail Services when the vote was about to take place in Water 14. Amazingly, this little old lady used Mailworks in Albany to send every household in Water 14 a letter urging them to vote for the water district. Well, at least it was her return address on the envelope, even though it is more than doubtful it was her money or idea that paid for the mailing.

That's the worst kept secret in town, the financial backer who paid for the mailing. Suffice to say it wasn't Parsons and it was another unprosecuted violation of State Election Law with secret money spent through phony fronts

Good luck with the calls Lillian. A call from you is sure to cause a different outcome.

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