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Friday, August 21, 2009

Suspension Squirms Continue

It appears the Town Board and Supervisor are squirming a bit after suspending the Youth Director without pay for an incident he was not directly involved with. Evers apparently is changing the suspension to "with pay" for 30 days. But more facts have surfaced regarding the suspension and the incident causing it. Word is that Youth Chairman Lou Desso got a few emails form parents angry over the sit down punishment handed out by a counselor. Rather than backing up the staff, he went after the Youth Director, even though the Waterfront Director who handed out the discipline, is paid and supervised through Recreation Department.

That gives the appearance that if the Board and Desso wanted to punish the correct supervisor, they missed and shot at the wrong deer. But the questions being posed to us revolve around whether any punishment was necessary and whether Desso and company should have backed the counselors decision to have the kids sit down and out when they cause disruptions?

At this rate no one who makes the camp a "Romper Room" will ever be disciplined for fear that any decision will result in a scalping by the Town Board and who knows which scalp will be taken? It is somewhat like disciplining a teacher for a decision to give a child detention for bad behavior.

We have also been informed that the Town Board may not have had a full disclosure of the circumstances surrounding a counselor the town hired after he was dismissed from a job he held at a local high school. All of the hiring was done through Councilman Desso who was anxious to use these jobs as political IOU's for his legislative campaign.

For now, the "witch hunt" continues with the town police called in to investigate the punishment used which we are told was a standard sit down and out of the action. The way this town is run and the way this matter is being handled, it makes one wonder whether the taxpayers of North Greenbush should be in the business of funding youth camps at all? We appear to be running an operation which invites lawsuits which taxpayers can ill afford.

The Supervisor has called a Special Meeting of the Town Board for Monday at 6PM, presumably to discuss this matter in Executive Session. The Comprehensive Plan Committee is scheduled to meet right after at 7PM.

Town Clerk Reappears, In a Paid Advertisement

Town Clerk Kathryn Connolly who is trying to run both as a Republican and a Democrat, was sighted yesterday after being absent from work since July 7th after some back surgery. No, she was not in her office, but rather in a paid ad in the Sand Lake Advertiser urging Democrats to come to the caucus and support her. No where in the ad did she mention that she has accepted the Republican nomination, an oversight we're sure.

She must not have been pleased to see Democratic Chairman Dan Ashley's letter calling for the appointment of an acting town clerk because of her endless absence from work. It appears in the same edition of the Advertiser.

You can read his release here.
Clerk Absense


Anonymous said...

I haven't observed the camp recently but a few years ago when my children were younger we frequented the lake as residents and saw the camp in action.

It lacked structure and was a complete free for all. It was obvious it was "kids in charge of kids." I made a mental note at that time that I would never send my children there. In the parent circles I travel in, none of us would use the town camp because it isn't a quality camp. However, I recognize that with the budget the town has and the small fee parents pay, I'm not sure one can expect more.

Not funding the camp would be another great cost saving measure for the town but I was under the impression that towns were required by law to provide some type of summer camp. Is this the case?

Anonymous said...

more of wrong way louie's muffs...he should be looking out for the saftey of town residents or working to help the people in water district 14.....wrong way has done nothing for the people of north greenbush and now wants to bring his "lack of talent" county wide......god help us !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

more reasons why "wrong way louie"isn't fit to serve in any public office........