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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CPC Votes To Recommend More RT 4 for Big Box

In a stunning roll call vote, the Comprehensive Plan Committee voted to make a significant change to the recommend land use map along RT 4 opposite Cooley Motors designating it with the same use as the area now occupied by the Rts 4 and 43 intersection and big box development.

But wait! At the same time, the Committee's members argued that the Town Board would never approve of the zoning changes needed to allow the development. Translated, the Board would never vote to permit what the Committee is recommending they do, rezone to permit the same high density development that exists at the 4 and 43 intersection.

To their credit, two committee members argued against the change stating that to accommodate a request by the owner of one parcel sitting in the middle of several parcels with the same use designation is not "Comprehensive Planning but, Spot Planning". That they said is not the purpose of a Comprehensive Plan. Because of the power of their argument, Committee member William Madsen made the astounding recommendation that all the parcels be changed to accommodate this one land owner's request, not just the single owner's parcel. So the committee then voted to change all of the mixed use parcels along RT 4 opposite the river side where the power lines are to the more dense commercial use. Thi includes the driving range parcel.,

It should be noted that non of the other landowners along RT 4 whose parcels were changed to accommodate the request of this one landowner were present at the meeting, nor where they consulted.

In case you were wondering GOP candidate for County Legislature Leon Fiacco and Town Board candidate Kelly Hoffman both voted for the change in the land use map that would permit the high density development along RT 4.

Now the new plan with all of it vast Open Meeting Law violations has been recommended to the Town Board which must hold a Public Hearing before voting to approve or reject it. What a circus that should be especially after last night's explosive action.

You can listen to the meeting by clicking our Pipeline Radio channel above. When you do you may notice motion after motion made and withdrawn to act on suggestions to change the plan made at their public hearing. That's because after that hearing the Committee held a meeting at which time they discussed and decided for or against each of the suggested changes. At the time the Committee declined to change the land use map to accommodate this land owner. The matter seemed resolved until this meeting was called and reargued last night.

Suspension Update

Last night the town board with 4 members present went into an executive session of their suspension of the Youth Director. After 40 minutes the board emerged saying no action was taken and that the Suspension was all Mark Evers doing with "board input". Is that a way of saying we didn't actually vote but decided to supporta suspension? There is indication the suspension will be lifted today by Evers who has again bit off more than he can chew.


Interested Party said...

This CP committee action seems to contradict the FEIS that was adopted by the previous Board back in 04/05. Why did they re-invent the wheel and open up big box development for the whole 4 & 43 corridor?

These committee meetings and action seem to be a complete waste of time and further evidence that Al Spain should never have returned to public life.

Anonymous said...

Development is a hot issue in this town and for good reason.

In my heart of hearts I'd love to see no development but my intellect tells me that it is inevitable. High stakes money and our proximity to Albany as well as the development of N.G. and Averil Park will bring us where we might not want to go.

Its not so much the fact that we are going there but how we are getting there and who is driving the bus that will determine our success or failure as a growing community.

There are compromises when it comes to development. I urge every resident of North Greenbush and especially member of planning and zoning to look at and study the nearly completed Rite Aide in West Sand Lake. It has ample green space, high end materials including tasteful siding and stonework as well as architectually interesting roof designs made out of quality material.

You can bring development into town and have it add to your town rather than detract from it. The new Mavis Discount Tire is an example of poor development and planning. Shame on you E.G.!

With traffic planning and extensive codes and zoning for building materials, density and green space you can bring the best development possible. Yes, this costs the developers more but our town is worth it.

We only have one opportunity to develop our town. Let's work together and make it something great. Defreestville can be a village with development. The Defreestville Veternary Hospital is a great example of this. Its a solid and needed business with a great looking structure.

Planning, planning, planning.