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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Did I Forget to Mention I'm Running as a Republican Too?

We loved this letter sent by the town clerk to registered Democrats asking for their support in Thursday night's caucus almost as much as the Certificate of Acceptance Connolly signed to be the Republican Party's candidate for town clerk. Yep, it's been torn in half by an angry Democratic voter who later provided it to the Pipeline asking how she could ask for Democratic support after accepting the Republican nomination?

Of course, no where does Connolly mention to Democrats that she is the Republican candidate for town clerk, that she does not support the Democratic Party Platform, that she is part of the Republican sponsored Comprehensive Plan Committee's attempt to hijack development in the town for developers. Gee, you don't want to mention that to Democrats before they vote in their caucus so she didn't.

Democrats across Rensselaer County have paid a high price for Connolly's GOP endorsement. Her brother Tom is the Independence Party Chairman and he gave the GOP candidates across the county and at every town, his party's endorsement against the Democrats except one, his sister. She is the only registered Democrat to receive his coveted Wilson Pakula waiver to receive the Independence Party Line in the general election.

Politics in Rensselaer County is said to be a blood sport and here in North Greenbush, Democrats find themselves scratching themselves on the head as so called Democrat Al Spain stands with Republicans, endorses them, donates to them and acts like a reckless developer as Chairman of the Comprehensive Plan Committee and "Democrat" Kathryn Connolly asks Democrats for their support and fails to tell them she is the Republican candidate for the office of town clerk.

Elections are about choice and these folks don't want voters to have it. They want power and a job and they'll do anything to get it. So Democrats, read Ms. Connolly's request for your vote and when you arrive at the caucus you'll see her acceptance certificate as the Republican candidate for Town Clerk. Should be quite a night.

Lillian Calls "CB"

It had to be a slip in the medication. Lillian Parsons, a Republican who can't resist meddling in the Democratic Party and its politics, called Democratic Party stalwart CB Smith last night and read a canned script asking him to vote for non Democrats in Thursday night's caucus.

Her choices included Michael Miner for Supervisor, sorry Mark, and Ernie Kern for Council, sorry Kelly and Joe.

Don't worry though, her call did nothing to affect the voting habits of Democrats either at the Smith house or anywhere else in North Greenbush. Her script sounded like a set of bad brakes and had as much polish as a can of sardines. She appeared unaware of who she was calling, making the call all the more bizarre.

We have it from an unimpeachable source that Smith will be voting for Democrats in the Democratic Caucus and that Lillian's dime was foolishly expended.


Anonymous said...

LOOPIE LIL called me(a well known dem.) twice the second time i acted a bit crazy.....it was funny as hell ,i had old LOOPIE LIL sputtering......

Anonymous said...

speaking oF goofy people...i just saw "wrong way louie" putting signs out on whiteview..well that's ok but he had part of his car parked in the DRIVING LANE. this was forcing cars to cross the double yellow line and drive in the wrong lane(on comming cars)....here's a guy who refuses to correct the dangerous conditions at the "people's bandstand" about caused a head-on collison,wanted to fire one of the pillars of out town ( jerry sickles)who gets paid about 1/2 what he should be paid...and wrong way louie's motto is "it's about people not poltics" GOD HELP THE "PEOPLE".......

Anonymous said...

boy you hit the nail on the head...no pun intended !!!