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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Democrats Time to Vote!

North Greenbush Democrats will hold their Caucus tonight at 7PM at the Troy Elks on Rt.4 This is in effect how Democrats select their party's candidates for town elections, a primary day if you will. Only Democrats can enter the caucus and vote.

Each town office will be voted on and according to sources, officials from the Rensselaer County Board of Elections have again agreed to serve as the tellers and counters and will bring with them official paper ballots.

Democrats have a great deal at stake at tonight's caucus. Two years ago, the party Chairman and his supporters on the town committee in effect turned the party over to the Republicans in an effort to deny voters a choice at the polls in the general election. In effect, the group decided they were no different than the Republicans, shared the same goals for the town and lacked any vision of their own.

It's not that there were no Democrats who held a different vision for the town than the Republicans led by Mark Evers, Lou Desso and Al Spain. It's just that 2 or 3 more people who were Democrats who aligned themselves with this coalition showed up at the caucus, allowing their party to become a second ballot line for the dysfunction town board and Comprehensive Plan Committee which has led the town nowhere during the past two years while running up a large deficit estimated at $160,000.

The Democratic Committee has created a platform which you can read here. The Republican endorsed candidates or shall we say in some cases, the "Non Democrats" who intend to send supporters into this caucus, have no platform, no announced vision.

No more than 300 people usually attend these events. They are party activists and friends of those asking them to come for the most part. But all Democrats are welcomed and urged to attend. The Democratic Chairman, Dan Ashley has also encouraged families who need to bring their small children to do so allowing both parents to vote.

We'll post the results tomorrow.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Let's see-What type of theatrics will Ms. Connolly try tonight. She pulled the "Fainting"card in Rensselaer at a joint meeting, she dragged her son as a tool before cameras trying to save her job. She has not been at work but is well enough to come to the caucus-perhaps tonight she will come in on a stretcher. Never a dull moment. When I see her- I will ask her to return the salary she has not earned. Let us hope everyone who has had enough speaks their minds tonight. Let's clean house and start over. Cannot wait.