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Friday, August 28, 2009

Democrats Prevail at Caucus

Democrats stood in sufficient numbers to take their party back from Republicans who made a brazen attempt to capture the Democratic endorsement in the November election in last night's caucus.

The so called Spain wing of the Democratic Party which is controlled by the GOP through jobs and development dollars, brazenly passed out fliers at the outside doors of the Elk's Lodge to voters urging them to vote for Republican candidates. The ploy made it closer than it otherwise might have been but the endorsed Democratic Committee slate won every contest including the historic defeat of Kathryn Connolly for Town Clerk who accepted the GOP endorsement.

Yes, Janice Liberty won the most contested caucus office since 2007 when Republican Mark Evers with the backing of the GOP dominated Democratic Chairman and Committee, won the caucus vote by 2 votes.

Liberty defeated Connolly 110 to 93 and Connolly was not happy.

The other results were Josephine Ashworth 110 to Michael Miner's 90, a respectable showing considering his stealth candidacy. Miner will likely win the Conservative Primary and that will all but assure Evers defeat in the general election.

Council candidates Trish Noel (124) and Richard Fennelly(116) won their contests against the crushed Ernie Kern (34)and GOP endorsed Kelly Hoffman (78).

Town Justice candidates Raymond Elliott and Josh Sabo were unopposed as was Mark Premo for Highway Superintendent.

Only 206 voters attended the caucus, slightly down from the 2007 fiasco which saw Republicans take control of the Democratic Party.

Needless to say, Democrats are ecstatic with the results and their prospects in November.

We'll be back Monday with more inside scoops including Republican Lillian Parson efforts to disrupt the caucus vote.


Anonymous said...

As a non-Democrat Thank you to all the Dems for getting out to the caucus last night. I want choice on our ballot this fall and do not want to see the same set of names on all four lines!

Congratulations to all the candidates. Now campaign hard and get the word out. The typical voter in this town does not understand the web of corruption and the changes that must be made. The next step is a clear message to your voters and motivating them to vote to enact that change.

Interested Party said...

Good bye Katie, Mark and Ernie- don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.