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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Town Board "Lite" Meets Tonight

You would think that with all of the exposed malfeasance in the water district, the mismanagement in billing emanating from the Building Department and the continued refusal of the Utilities Inspector aka Project Coordinator, to appear before the Town Board to answer their questions about his actions and performance, that an agenda for a board meeting would have something besides a couple of pieces of fluff.

Perhaps they are too busy organizing fundraisers? Any way here's their full printed agenda. You can hold your breath with plenty of time to read it.


Interested Party said...

C,mon- Mark is too busy with his personal and outside interest to conduct important Town business. All of his administrative duties can wait- he needs multiple haircuts to keep up his stately image plus he has to start ramping up his run for king of North Greenbush- lots of sucking up to do. Give the guy a break.

Anonymous said...

I feel much better knowing that May is Poppy Month.

Perhaps while Lee Traver is there presenting old town records, members of the audience or board would like to question Mr. Traver about the original Town Master Plan he worked on many years ago. His hard work, along with others, proved to be yet another attempt at town planning that was never passed. Mr. Traver and his committee had the vision to plan commercial and professional development for our town which was in keeping with Defreestville's character, traffic concerns and needs of our community.

When are the officials of North Greenbush going to do what's right for the town for a change? It doesn't seem to matter if its implementing a water district or planning for development, North Greenbush continues to fall short.