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Friday, March 20, 2009

Board Does a 180 on BET Petition

About the only thing of interest at last night's Town Board Special Meeting was a complete reversal of last week's vote to accept a petition filed by BET development and their allies which would have forced numerous neighbors to help pay for 3 million in road improvements.

The Board should never have accepted the petition without first verifying its accuracy but the Supervisor seemed anxious to accommodate BET at the last meeting and gave much lip to Stewart's Shops representatives who attended the meeting.

Apparently some common sense set in and rather than reschedule the Public Hearing that could not be held because of a lack of time to provide public notice, they rescinded the prior resolution and removed the rescinding resolution from the agenda. Score one for Stewart's and their neighbors who would have paid BET's fair share of the "improvements" to roads that BET wants but does not want to pay for.

GOP Interviews

Well as first reported here, Mark Evers and Ernie Kern are looking for the Republican endorsement this year and we certainly hope they get it. We're also told the GOP interviewed another Supervisor candidate, several for town council and one each for Justice and Town Clerk. Stephanie Piel interviewed for Justice after the GOP put the screws to her 2007 campaign for town council, pairing her up with Evers and Desso and then producing literature that completely excluded her. Word is that the Clerk nominee may be the incumbent Democrat. Wouldn't that be wild?


Anonymous said...

Kudos to the board for doing something right (for a change). The Town of North Greenbush needs to support local business such as Stewarts and newer but thriving ones like the Bloomingrove Veternarian Hospital and the Ivy Spa. Imagine what Defreestville could look like and offer with small businesses like these rather than big box, chain retail? Small business provides more than 80% of jobs in our country. Let's have some planning and move forward with this type of business rather than the buildings that always end up sitting empty like strip malls. Our economy has shifted from growth to sustaining ourselves. As 4 & 43 sits empty its time the planning board and town leaders look to see if there are any ways they can protect Defreestville from becoming a sell-out of cheap retail space that will be nothing like the original "Styvesant Plaza" type retail we were promised. A new time calls for a new vision.

Let's hope the town has learned that it should not and can not be beholden to big developers and self serving underhanded operators like the Fiacos.

Anonymous said...

Could we only hope and pray the GOP picks Katie as their Clerk candidate. If what Mr. DeJulio wrote he claims is "TRUE"- I have a bridge I would like to sell him. How does he answer to the fact that for two years straight he only managed to make one meeting. That was the one Jack Casey ordered him to attend. That is where Vince Sculco came into the picture and assassinated the GOP. Greg- Is your nose growing?

Interested Party said...

No- the Republicans should not pick Katie- they should have a legitimate player in the bullpen ready to go- Katie has been a Dem all her life and the Republicans should not endorse her- she and her brother need to go away- Roger that, Greg?

Anonymous said...

Mr Fiacco has yet again proven he is big in his own mind.Perhaps when he returns from Florida, he and Mr. Evers can share a few Martinis.

honesty said...

No one on the Republican Committee even knew who Greg was a few years ago, and probably still don't. He never went to meetings, he never volunteered for anything in the Town and he couldn't take a phone call because he was always putting his kids to bed (no matter the time you called). As for Piel, she didn't even passs a petition or campaign for herself when she ran for Town Council. Boy, they really have a great group this time around. They deserve Katy - they're all LOSERS!