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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Republicans to Nominate Democrat Al Spain for Supervisor

It should hardly be a surprise to political observers. "Democrat" Al Spain who is employed by the Republican Mayor of Troy, has been nominated by the Town Republican Committee for Supervisor. The other obvious headline here is as we predicted, goodbye to Mark Evers political career.

Evers was trying to engineer another Republican endorsement after he and his allies took control last year by turning the Democratic Party over to the GOP. The result placed Evers on all four major party lines in an effort to make the November election meaningless. Spain, along with Lou Desso and Evers were the coalition candidates whose circumvention of voter choice gave rise to the Greenbush Party. This party was created by citizens who understood what was happening to the November ballot with these backroom deals and acted to create a new party ballot line which drew more votes than any other single party line in the November contest.

Now voters should expect that the GOP will again assault the Democratic process by attempting to win the Democratic Party line at the party caucus later this year. The difference this time is that the same group, noticeably weaker than before, has dumped Evers and will likely try again to deny voter choice by now assaulting the Democratic caucus in an effort to secure the four major lines once again.

The impact of this endorsement which finds Republicans unable to win elections with members of their own party, is again an exercise in corruption of the democratic process and a denial of voter choice. The Democratic Party is not likely to accept another attempt by Republicans to seize control of their ballot line. They re-doubled their efforts to defeat GOP supported committee candidates run by Al Spain's brother Jeff whose slate went down to a stunning defeat in last year's committee races. Brother Jeff, who was the Chairman of the Democratic Committee gave away thousands in party funds to charities after his slate's defeat in an effort to cripple the new Democratic team.

Stay tuned voters. North Greenbush elections will again be the center of the political universe in Rensselaer County.

UPDATE :Murphy ahead by 25 votes over Tedisco.

It's Minnesota all over again! See the results here.


Anonymous said...

the town of north greenbush needs a full time professional town manager with the elected town board in a lesser role. the manager would have the ability to hire and fire core town posts. a committee of town residents 11 in number should interview professional canidates. the board would consist of members from all regerister parties and citizens of no political ilk.joe spairana

Interested Party said...

What a joke- I renounce my Republican enrollment. A lifelong Democrat endorsed by Republicans- now they all have to go- from Merola to DeJulio and anyone connected to them- can Katie be next to be endorsed by this group. Unbelievable!!! Let's not forget that Al Spain was one of the gutless councilmen who voted down the shovel-ready chip fab plant 10 years ago- we could have been the home for AMD instead of Malta. Charlie- I'm in to help out any candidate you put forward.

Anonymous said...

WOW- Al is a Republican now? Thank God, his Mom, Harriet isn't here to see that one. Apparrently, even the Spain's have their price? Nothing new for Snakey Boy DeJulio. Merola should stick to what he knows- License plates.
As far as the letter in today's record- If Bill Fiacco wrote that- I have something I'd like to sell you. Did anyone tell Al that he will have to officially change his party to become a Republican candidate. Need a pen- AL? Shame on you. How could you disgrace your party, your Town and your Family like that? And to the poor sole who can't spell one wordrighton the OTHER site- make that check payable to "The Learning Center".

Anonymous said...

I think maybe Al Spain let the cat out of the bag too early for Greg Dejulio. Now I have to wonder if Al will be telling his old Democratic friends how its best for the town to be running with Andy Ceresia's opponent for County Judge and still try to grab the Democratic endorsement at the party's caucus?
Also it appears Greg is none too happy about today's announcement because he's been busy posting comments from work to blog sites buzzing over his definition of a Republican. It's tough to make the name Spain sound Republican just as it was tough to make the name Carpinello sound Democratic. Square pegs don't fit in round holes Greg!