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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Board Reacts to Public Pressure on Insurance Rip Offs

Slow but sure the deafening silence from town board members on the great Health Insurance Bonanza first reported here is beginning to show results. Today's Record has a followup story to Saturday's first print disclosure of the mess that town Democrats have demanded be corrected. You can read it here.

A long awaited written policy that hopefully will stop the ripoffs and hopefully return the misspent money, most of which is due to the lawless action of the Supervisor in signing the checks, will be introduced this Thursday night.

You see Mr. Evers likes to think that if there is nothing in writing that says he can't give away our money, than he can. Up to now the Board has done nothing to put him in his place. Yes, the article today even finds an admission that Tom Murley with just 5 and 1/2 years of service in the town, has been getting taxpayer funded health insurance since he left at $4 grand plus a year. Now Tom knew it was wrong but, nobody stopped him, so he just kept taking the insurance.

So it remains to be seen whether the town board will force the return of the insurance premiums or perhaps a citizen lawsuit will be needed to force the return of over $20,000 improperly expended. Yes Mr. Evers, 3 years worth of those big payments were made RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE! Now that's a good reason to give you that 280% pay raise you asked for!

We'll keep you posted, but the Troy Record can certainly take a bow here for without that public pressure, the town hall insurance bonanza's would go on and on. Last thing we should hope for is an examination of Mark Evers status on the town insurance policy. Where is the authorization to receive it and is it conditional to employee reimbursement for the coverage? Time to check the resolutions and records Lou and Alan.


Interested Party said...

Oh, don't pick on Mark about this.....he was too buzy with other important business, such as thinking up reasons why he should get a 300% raise. Guess this one flew under the radar.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me as one of two things are happening. Either Al and Lou have had a change of thought or we are getting set up royally at no expense on a run for someone as Legislator

Anonymous said...

Lou is drumming up his run to the County Legislator spot --- he was at town hall over the weekend with his photo op's with all the ice storm victims--

You go lou..