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Monday, December 8, 2008

Shoe Tying Class

Our thanks go to the witty humorist at the Record who observed the need for remedial help for town elected officials who managed to screw up even the easiest tasks to understand, tying your shoes.

Tying your shoes should be as easy as walking, you know, one foot forward and then move the next foot ahead. And to be fair to the Record, the UPSEU union contract with its absurd give away to people who were never on the town's insurance and who already get insurance in other taxpayer funded jobs, is just part of Mark Evers sell out of taxpayers on behalf of all the folks who mismanaged that water contract we're paying another million bucks for.

But it is easy to understand that people who are not covered by the contract and its crazy provisions, are not entitled to money in the form of insurance buyouts as a result of that contract. It's even easier to understand that the Supervisor has no authority to hand out money as he pleases to anyone who is not part of that union. You know, Mark, like tying your shoes. Yet Mark Evers handed out thousands of dollars to folks who he had to know were not entitled to it and his co-horts on the town board will have to be prodded to reign him in and get that money back.

So it's time we took nothing for granted. Shoe tying classes will be offered at town hall for those in need. Anyone wishing to receive them may email this publication and we will arrange for private instructions that will respect the embarrassing nature of the request. For any of those employees who are feeling embarrassed about taking those large payouts even though you were already getting health insurance from your other public sector job or your State retirement, we suggest you'll feel better by simply returning the money to the people of North Greenbush, some of whom have insurance and some of whom can't afford it, even once.

Here is the story in today's Record column, Talespin.

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