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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Board Meets Tonight to Discuss Unlawful Payouts

Under the guise of new rules and regulations for employees, the Town Board will confront disclosures that the Supervisor paid out money to people who had no right to it and has had a former employee of the town with just 5 years of service getting a free health insurance policy for the past 5 years costing taxpayers $20,000 to date. "Lifetime Health for Tom" some are calling it and naturally everyone wants Supervisor Evers to give all town residents the same deal that non resident and non employee Tom Murley has been getting right under his nose for the last 3 years that Evers has been Supervisor and two years prior to that.

It's time to pay up and reimburse taxpayers. Our research has shown that the Town Board must recover all of the funds improperly disbursed because of State Law which does not permit a municipality to retroactively give public funds as a benefit. It should be interesting to see the Supervisor try to blame the Comptroller or some clerk for the insurance buyout payments to employees that were not eligible for them. Even better will be his dance explaining away that Tom Murley, now a contractual vendor, has been getting a free taxpayer funded ride on his health insurance all during Evers tenure and more. No wonder he deserved that watchdog 280% raise he wanted!

The Town Democratic Chairman Dan Ashley has been leading the way on the issues and produced two embarrassing stories in the Troy Record so far. Expect TV coverage tomorrow as the free money has caught the attention of news editors and reporters alike who have been emailing this blog.

With Councilman Desso trying to distance himself from running mate Mark Evers because of his desire to run for the legislature next year, expect more grenades than usual shot at Evers from the board dias.
Here is a link to Dan Ashley's press release on the town Democratic web site.

Happy Birthday to our Water 14 Contractor!

Yep, there are a million more reasons, maybe even more, to celebrate this birthday and the Supervisor will be in town hall to help blow out the candles. Hot air comes in handy!
Appointment of a "Project Coordinator"
It's on tonight's agenda to appoint someone to oversee the next million dollars given to Casale Excavating to finish Water 14 . The money was agreed to by the Board as part of a court settlement that would require completion of the district by the company which originally agreed to do the work for 6.4 million in their contract. Of course in North Greenbush, the employees in the Building Department who administered the contract didn't bother to get needed change orders as they approved an extra million in work improperly. Of course NO one was ever held accountable so tonight the Board will approve a watch dog of sorts to make sure all the work is finished before Casale gets his next million. Knowing this Board as we do, we bet they appoint one of the same folks who allowed the overspending of the first 6.4 million to watch this last million which, who knows, might become two million. That's comforting on both counts, hey?
Guard the Boiler!
We recommend that the cops post a guard on the town hall boiler so that we don't find a repeat of the last controversial meeting in the winter months. You might recall that after Mr. Evers improperly gave out an $83,000 Christmas check to his Conservative Party contractor in water 14, the town board was prepared to spank him at the January meeting upon learning of the improper payment made one day after the December board meeting. Behold, Evers was saved from the media hoard when the boiler "broke" and he quickly cancelled the meeting.

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