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Monday, November 3, 2008

GOP Spends to Say Vote Obama!

Saturday, thousands of Democratic and Working Families houesholds in Rensselaer and Saratoga counties got a postcard which appeared from the logo to be from the Working Families Party. They also got a robo call telling them to vote for a sham WF Senate candidate Chris Consuello.

The problem appears to be the Democratic Tsunami is about to overwhelm GOP Senate candidate Roy McDonald. So Republicans are spending big bucks in an effort to get Democrats to vote for Obama on the WF line rather than the Democratic line and while there, throw their vote away for their own State Senate candidate Mike Russo.

Sorry boys, but Democrats are not that stupid. Democrats will vote for Obama on ROW A, the Democratic line and vote for the Democrats on that line for congress, assembly and senate.The postal permit #976 is registered to Mailworks, an Albany based firm that handles bulk mail. It's great to see the GOP violating election law with this deception but is funnier to see them tell voters to vote for the Democrat for President in a desperate effort to hold on to Joe Bruno's senate seat. How do Republicans spell "Minority"? They will soon learn because it sure looks like that's where they'll be in the State Senate after this election is over.

There is a large story about this in today's Record which you can read here.

"Democrat" Desso campaigns in Poestenkill for Republican Council candidate.

We'll Jeff Spain's endorsement of Republicans continues to embarrass him and the disloyal democrats who supported him. Lou Desso was door to door yesterday in Poestenkill with the GOP town board candidate. Good work Jeff!

One Good Mall Deserves Another?
There is a public hearing tonight at town hall scheduled for 7:45 on developers plan to build another large mall across the street from the one he has yet to finish. Before the town gets a chance to see how traffic may be impacted by the first mall, they want the Planning Board to approve another. You can read more here.

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