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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Town Officials Heading for Public Trough

Well, it's official. Today's legal notice published in the Troy Record keeps hope alive for several greedy town officials that they can cajole the necessary votes on the town board to get a feeding at the public trough even Porky would envy. This exclusive picture of planned banquet was sent to the Pipeline along with this Legal Notice, required by law, publishing the proposed salaries.

As you can see, the biggest hog by far is Town Supervisor Mark Evers, (center), who wants a 280% pay hike making his proposed salary $65,000.
The Town Clerk wants a base salary of $53,000 which is at least a 10% hike. This does not include the salary the clerk receives as the Registrar of Vital Statistics which is not in the legal notice because it is an appointed job. That salary code has a 25% increase in the proposed budget which when added to the clerk salary could bring total compensation to $55,000.
The other salaries listed appear to be in the 3% range.
Your chance to collar these hungry porkers comes at the Public Hearing scheduled Thursday November 6th at 6:30 PM. Be careful, they bite when they are hungry!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the outrage will abound and the masses will come out Thursday evening and ask questions. Evers doesn't deserve a raise- AT ALL. Just because he was fired from his other job- why should we have to pay the price as residents? If there was a "RETURN" window at Town Hall- I would ask for my vote back! Embarass me, NO MORE!!!!!!!