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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Robocall Joins Postcard in Campaign Deception

You can hear the robocall here.It was sent Sunday to Democrats in the 43rd Senate District in an effort to diminish the number of Democrats voting on their own line for State Senate.

The robo call was not paid for by the Working Families Party which has endorsed Democrat Mike Russo. Bob Mirch's choice, sham candidate Chris Consuello, was not available to News Channel 13 yesterday to tell who paid for the robo or the postcards. Roy McDonald refused to be interviewed while his campaign denied knowledge of the source of the campaign dirty tricks. You can read more on Ch 13's web site here.

In a related story, North Greenbush Democratic Committeewoman Doreen Connolly has a Roy McDonald sign on her funeral home law along with Ron Canestrari's sign. That's party loyalty Connolly style.

Judge For Sale

The judicial watchdog web site Judicial Reports has a serious posting about Judge Carpinello who is running against Judge McGrath for a seat on Supreme Court.

"Judicial campaign committees around Albany are raising funds from law firms with business pending before the judge — and one firm is particularly generous.

Supreme Court Appellate Justice Anthony J. Carpinello’s re-election campaign accepted a $10,000 gift in May from an Albany law firm that had recently appeared before him in court to argue a medical malpractice appeal. "

You can read the whole story here.

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