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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who Pays When They Break It?

This from a reader on Streamview Lane who heard a tale of woe and supplied this picture of work being done yesterday. All seemed fine on the surface when the pipes were dug on Streamview Lane for Water District 14. Then a long vacant residence was sold and a new owner moved in and tried to use the plumbing. He discovered that his sewer line had been ruptured when the water pipes were placed by his residence.

Consequently town officials were called and a private contractor was called to fix the problem. These kinds of things happen but the question is, who pays?

We're told taxpayers do more often than not. In this case, it appears the contractor caused the damage, yet a private contractor is being paid by the town to fix it. Will the town bill the damages to the water contractor?

We bet the answer is no and that over the years either private contractors or our own highway department has bore the cost of these repairs. The question all of us should be asking the fiscal wizards of town hall is how much has the town paid for such repairs and how much has been billed and repaid by the contractor?

CPC Meeting
Little more than a dozen people bothered to attend the big redo meeting of another chapter of the completed Comprehensive Plan last evening. There was not even a majority of the appointed committee members present.

We wonder if anyone has figured out the reason for the lack of public interest this "second time around". Well, at least Spain's no bid consultant will get paid.

The $8000 Town Rottweiler
The Times Union reports that the taxpayers are getting hit with at least a bill for $8000 for boarding a Rottweiler that was given a death sentence by town officials which is being appealed by the dog's owner.

While under appeal, we pay the boarding tab for the dog and of course it's cable tv bill. It appears that whether its water, insurance payouts or dogs, taxpayers are always on the receiving end of the bad deals.

Here is a link to the TU story.

Official Election Results

We had a few requests to post the official results from the recent primary election for committee seats in the Democratic Party. This list shows the final total from the Primary election. The ties for the second seat in district 1 and 4 are decided by the full democratic county committee.

John Rogers was elected to fill the vacancy created by a tie in ED 1 and Mark Premo was elected to fill the vacancy in ED 4. When the committee meets to elect new officers, these 16 people will elect the officers. There are only 6 seats allied with soon to be former Chairman Jeff Spain.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to see the town comptroller prepare a spread sheet of all the repairs made to water districts that were done by private venders and then those which were reimbursed by the contractor. That may explain the real reason they wanted to keep supervision out of the building department. An end to access to the money machine, aka NG taxpayers.

So we still have a conservative commiteeman and union member running the department and never chargiing his party chairman's company for these repairs. That sounds like a reason for a criminal investigation. Perhaps someone should quietly ask for one.