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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spain Ignores Election Law on Re-Organization

As reported in yesterday's Troy Record, Jeff Spain has ignored his obligation as Chairman to call a meeting of the town Democratic Committee within 20 days of primary day for the purpose of re-organizing and electing new officers for the next two years. He has also failed to reach out to the new committee regarding turning over party financial records and accounts which is usually a part of a reorganizational meeting.

It's unfortunate that Mr. Spain refuses to accept his defeat with any measure of graciousness. His inaction will require that the County Chairman call and convene the meeting of the new committee under party bylaws.

For the past two years, Mr. Spain has insisted his political opponents failed to account for $21,000 in party funds. He claims to have written to the district attorney in public press releases and claimed that action was forthcoming. Despite repeated acts of libel both printed and through letters mailed to voters in North Greenbush, Spain has refused to retract his charges.

This makes his current action all the more ironic as he refuses to act responsibly by calling a meeting of the committee and turning over financial records as the prior committee did for him two years ago.

His sense of sportsmanship is certainly subject to criticism, but the irony created by refusing to take the steps necessary to turn over the committee financial records and bank accounts after making accusations of misconduct and theft by his political opponents in the party leaves one breathless by the degree of recklessness.

In the next week, a meeting of the committee will likely be called by the County Chairman and the records will either be turned over or recovered through court action. One thing is clear, Spain never had any concern or loyalty to the Democratic Party during his tenure. His record is one of intolerance of dissent, the holding of a purge trial to humiliate his opponents in the Democratic Committee and of endorsing Republican candidates at the expense of Democratic candidates for town elections.
Now as the final chapter is written, the only question is whether he will engage in acts of obstruction and potentially lawless conduct with party funds.

Above is a list by election districts of the newly elected Democratic Committee in North Greenbush. Our congratulations to Mark Premo and John Rogers who were elected to break ties by the entire County Democratic Committee. No, you won't find the town clerk, Kathryn Connolly on the list because not only could she not win a committee seat in her own district, but could not even win the support of the members of the County Committee to fill a vacancy. That does not bode well for a political future as a Democratic nominee, especially when you consider she supported the GOP candidates over Democrats at her caucus and has joined the Spain team that is stalling the Comprehensive Plan to the sole benefit of developers. For the record, Connolly was rejected by voters in favor of one Dan Ashley whom Connolly and her crew have painted as evil and corrupt. How is it voters didn't buy the all the slander? Stay tuned.

Bruno's Benz

It was all they were talking about at last week's county GOP fundraiser, the $85,000 Mercedes Benz Joe Bruno showed up in. Apparently the car was a perk from the new company Joe went to work for although we have no way to confirm that. Suffice to say that Joe is definitely making those FBI agents jealous.

Comprehenisve Plan Says "This" is Your Chance to Speak

An email to the town from the CPC says this is your chance to speak. They must have forgotten the two years of speaking the public did to help complete the plan and deliver it to the town. Apparently speaking for the past two years didn't count but now that Al Spain is head of the new CPC, Al Spain who barely attended a single meeting over two years, now your opinion will count.
What a farce that they ask you to spend your time and money to let them do it all over again. And with a no bid contract to boot!
Do speak at tonight's meeting and tell them what you think.

Here's there plea:

Your Opinion Counts! Your Opinion Counts!


WHAT: Town of North Greenbush Comprehensive Plan

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Topic: Housing, Hamlet Redevelopment, Revitalization
& Preservation 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Topic: Transportation, Infrastructure & Municipal Services 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Topic: Economic Development & Commercial Corridors 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Topic: Proposed Land Use & Zoning 6:30 - 8:30 pm

WHERE: Town Hall, 2 Douglas St, Wynantskill

WHY: Share your vision for North Greenbush!


The Town of North Greenbush is completing
the Comprehensive Plan by facilitating
community meetings.

Help Us! Mark Your Calendars!

This is your opportunity!
For more information please contact the Town Offices (518) 283-5313

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so informative about what is really happening. It takes an educated person to deflect all the negativity and still produce concise, factual information without a political twist. Keep up the GOOD work and the GOOD fight. There are more supporters than you know of.